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Updates via Text Messaging

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome as a Union is Communication. We have over 700 people scattered over 28 different office locations, shift workers covering all 24 hours on the clock, and field workers covering all 31 square miles of our City…. sharing information in a timely manner is, to put it mildly,  a challenge.

We are rising to that challenge!

Your Executive Board and your Communication Committee are using every channel of communication available to make sure that you, the members of Local 2432, have access to the most up to date information when you need it, where, and how.

This website was the first step. The current display is ‘adaptive’ and should be readable on both your desktop or your mobile device. Up to the top is the navigation menu, down to the bottom are the options and settings and fiddly-bits.

Email Notices and Email  Newsletters was the next step. Approximately once a month you should receive an email digest of the news articles from this website, if you signed up that is. Scroll down there to the bottom and put your email into the Join Our Newsletter box. Like we said, about once a month you will receive an email digest, and if something interesting or exciting is happening we’ll send a specific email notice with the required information.

A picture is worth…

Due to the Financial Urgency recently imposed by the City Commission all pictures from City Employees will now only be worth 925 Words.

While the Picture to Word value is under discussion, the need for those Pictures is real!

We need your Pictures!

Here on the website. To put on display at the new Hall when it opens. To include in our printed materials….. we need your pictures!

We are looking specifically for pictures of you and your smiling face.

And pictures of groups of employees.

And pictures of employees working.

Pictures of the Working People of Hollywood doing our thing for the residents.

Please email your pictures to webmaster@local2432.com.

Or send them via interoffice to CK in the Copy Center.

Or hand them to your Shop Steward. Or drop them by the Union Hall.

Whatever the worth in words of the picture, lets put a face to our members.


Please put physical pictures in an envelope with your name, they will be returned to you later.

Olá, Aloha, and Hello….

One of our members asked if the website could be made multi-lingual and the answer is yes. Each area of the site should have somewhere near the top of each page a little blue button that says Translate. Clicking on the button gives you a choice of languages including Spanish, Creole, and Italian, among others.

Two things to keep in mind:

First, If the system tells you “Language under development” when you choose, give it a minute and try again. It takes a minute for the system to synch-up with the all the various translation engines. It’s a long ways to space, it takes a moment to get there and back.

Then, this is a ‘machine translator’ meaning the grammar and spelling won’t be perfect. If the translation is too terrible the please let the admin know and we’ll see if we can find a better translation system.

So Hylo; Sut Mae? and  Qanuipit?