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Contract Negotiations – City’s Latest….

The City has presented a summary of their latest proposal (attached below) to AFSCME. It covers all three Units and our summary of their summary is this:

The Good:

  • 7 % wage restoration over 2 years (4.5% to Enterprise).
  • Longevity raises at 10, 15, and 20 years. If you missed your longevity during the F.U., you will get it now going forward.
  • 2.5% Merit increase for everyone not maxed out in the second year of the contract (2015). While technically that isn’t a merit, it’s still good for us.
  • Employee Pension Contribution going down to 8%.
  • Tuition Reimbursement returns (maximum return of $1,800 annually).
  • Improved Benefits for Part Timers (see attached).


The Bad:

  • Wage restoration still does not equal what was lost during F.U.
  • “Salary Survey” may result in more wage freezes or possibly wage cuts.
  • No Merit Increases. That means no raises until you hit a longevity date.
  • Probationary period for all new hires or promotions is one year. This applies to all full and part-time employees.
  • Pension benefits being reduced to 2.5% multiplier for everyone. The Police and Fire both got 3% or better.
  • No Cola in the pension plan. Ever.
  • If you bump down in pay grade and your  pay drops to the lower level. This is an attempt by management to get rid of bumping rights.
  • Assignment pay does take effect until 40 hours (now 4). You cover the shift for 4 days, Bob over there will cover the fifth, none of you get assignment pay.
  • (more…)

We don’t want to….

Today’s spotlight comment from the negotiations was Management saying “We don’t want to pay more to the employees.”


2:30 – Update

We’re in a side-bar caucus at the request of Management.

So far its an interesting meeting:

  • Cathy made it to this meeting, which is her first.
  • The City’s proposal is actually worse than the last meeting.


3:00 – Update

Sneaky…. They are trying to get rid of bumping and hoping we don’t notice.


3:15 – Update

No merits. Just a one-time merit for anyone who isn’t already maxed out. Just once, not a repeating thing. Doesn’t matter how good a job you do, no raise for you. No more pay for performance.


3:30 – Update

Back from side-bar. Cathy didn’t make it back.

No change to the recall process, if you don’t accept recall you get cut (grade AND pay) to the lower grade.

Done for now.

Thank you to everyone who made it out for today’s meeting. Having an audience was really great considering this is the first time the City Manager has bothered to join us.

Contracts, Budgets, and Presentations….

Again, thank you very much to those that took the time to join the negotiation meeting yesterday. The City Manager was going to join us, but apparently she had rehearsals to attend to ahead of the Budget Hearing.

We are still sifting through all the different bits of the latest proposals to see what is actually being offered and what is being taken away. The proposals have the removed or changed language in strike through so we have to carefully read everything  so we don’t lose something by accident. The three proposals were posted yesterday if you want to see for yourself.

During the negotiation meeting the City changed up a few things verbally that sound good but need careful comparison against what we would give up in the process. The verbal proposal was to change the wage offer to 4% restoration staring October followed by a 3% COLA next October. That *does* sound good, but many other things in the proposal are going to make those amounts turn out not so great, things like increased health care costs, decreased health benefits, decreased pension benefits, and no merit increases.

And then the Budget Hearing….



This is page 37 of the City Manager’s presentation last night. This page specifically is interesting for two reasons:

JAT – Evergreen Consulting

Many of you are aware the City has hired Evergreen Consulting to do a City-Wide Job Assessment with the reported goal of finding who is doing what, where, when, and how much of it they are doing.

HR says the goal is “to do an in-depth analysis of all the positions in the City.”

Why? The plan is to make sure that everyone is getting paid the average, that when you look at how much the City is paying its employees compared to anywhere else we are in the middle of the pack, none underpaid, none overpaid.

The first question many of you are asking is ‘Why are we hiring this out? Don’t we have an HR Department to do this kind of stuff?

No one has offered an answer to the first question.

The second question, and the one that is causing some confusion, is “Do I have to do this?”

Short answer, yes.

The long answer…. the City wants to do this and it is their right, as far as the Union is concerned, to do however many surveys they want to do. Evergreen Consulting, or any other consulting company, can survey all they want.

The Union, however, doesn’t have to agree with the *findings* of the survey.

If the results of the survey go against any article of the Contract, or the City tries to delay negotiations while the survey is ongoing, then there will be a problem.

Game on!

Most of you are aware that Local 2432 represents Three different Bargaining Units; General, Professional, and Supervisory. And if for whatever reason you didn’t know that, now you do.


It’s Contract Time and all three Units are at the bargaining table beginning this week. Technically Supervisory was there already as they have negotiated since last October, but this is the week it is all supposed to go from being tick marks in a calendar or email and switch to actual real negotiations.

Like the title says… Game on!

We’ll share more details as they become available

Survey Says?

First, Congratulations to our new Trustee Mr. Gerald Jones! And congratulations to all the Officers, new and old, of Local 2432. We’ll have more about the Officers, when they officially take their positions in a couple of day.s

Then on to today’s Ratification Vote about the Contract Imposition because of the Financial Urgency in Fiscal Year 12 (The FU in FY12). The vote was NO, we do not accept the contract changes.

What does this mean? It means that we do not accept the changes the Commission imposed on our contracts. It means there is a chance that in the future we will get our pay and benefits restored to the levels they were at in September 2011 when all this took effect. It means there is a chance that in the future we might get everything taken away given back. It means that as Local 2432 we still have some fight in us and Management’s attempts at breaking our spirit and busting our Union have failed.

Local 2432 Officer Elections

It is election time again for Local 2432 and this time we have a total of Eight positions on the ballot. That may seem like a lot of positions, and it is, and the reason is a few changes required to match up with our Local Constitution.

So…. who’s on the Ballot for December 4th?

President, Two-Year Term:

Chris Cassidy – Unopposed.

Second-Vice President and Chief Steward, Two-Year Term:

Troy Porter – Unopposed

Secretary-Treasurer, Two-Year Term:

Rafael Quintero – Unopposed

Executive Board – General C.B.A., Two-Year Term:

Alan Corriveau

Bernadette Roelofs

Executive Board – Professional C.B.A., One-Year Term:

Barbara Armand

James Rusnak

Executive Board – At Large, Two-Year Term:

Victor Swackhammer – Unopposed

Trustee, Three-Year Term:

Barry Erickson – Unopposed

Trustee, Two-Year Term:

Steve Letteri

Daniel Culberson

Gerald Jones


For those positions running Unopposed…. Congratulations!


Voting will be Tuesday, December 4th, from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm at the Union Hall. Vote! Its your Union, make your voice heard.


** If I spelled any of your names wrong, please email me and I’ll get it fixed right away – CK