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Call to Action – Pension Workshop Act 2

There will be a second/follow up Pension Workshop scheduled for this Thursday, April 9th from 11 AM – 2 PM at the Fred Lippman Center on Polk Street.  PLEASE REQUEST TIME OFF OR USE YOUR LUNCH HOUR AND BE THERE BY 11 AM.   Your attendance is important if your pension is an important issue to you.

The first Pension Workshop presentation was designed by Finance Director Matt Lalla and the City’s Pension Attorney James Linn to represent our pension plan in the worst possible light. The so-called “Workshop” essentially became a one-sided and distorted “Presentation” which only presented typical doom and gloom biased information which did not fully and accurately tell ALL the story (e.g., the notorious slide 5 showing the 90% pension benefit which does not exist).

Also, the scare tactic slide showing how many fire and police officers the City could pay for was truly ironic since the Mayor’s letter and these workshops are doing a good job of scaring off actual fire and police officers (6 police and several fire officers just quit).  Several of the commissioners did not buy into the hysteria and wanted to delve further into the discussion, so the second “Workshop” has been set where the General, Police, and Fire pension actuaries will answer questions from the Commission.  Unfortunately, public comment is not allowed, so the Union won’t be allowed time to speak.   However,  it’s important that our members hear first hand what ideas the Mayor and Commission are given in regards to our pension plan.

Pension Workshop – Presentation

Here’s the presentation from Monday’s severely misleading  Pension Workshop (large file size) –> pension_workshop_presentation_3-2-2015_20150303155757   – As you review this presentation, please know that the City of Hollywood believes that Cathy Swanson-Rivenbark is entitled to a pension after only 2.42 years of service time in our plan (non-vested).  Stay tuned for more info.


All content provided on this website is for informational purposes only.  AFSCME, Local 2432 makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information contained in the above City of Hollywood, City Commission Pension Workshop dated March 2, 2015. In fact, AFSCME Local 2432 disagrees with the information contained therein and the assumptions used to reach the conclusions drawn.  AFSCME Local 2432 will not be liable for any of the errors and/or omissions in the above noted City document nor for the availability of this information. AFSCME Local 2432 will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this City documentation/information.

Contract Negotations

Lets see if the City actually has information, and people, for this meeting. Maybe, just maybe, we can get the deal made….

Contract Negotiations, all three CBA’s.

Monday, November 4th, 1:30 pm

City Hall, Room 215

This meeting will include all three bargaining units, General, Professional, and Supervisory.

We have our numbers, maybe this time the City will actually have theirs. And  we asked Mr Cassidy to send Mrs Swanson-Rivenbark a work release so she can join us too.

And wear your green!

Contracts, Budgets, and Presentations….

Again, thank you very much to those that took the time to join the negotiation meeting yesterday. The City Manager was going to join us, but apparently she had rehearsals to attend to ahead of the Budget Hearing.

We are still sifting through all the different bits of the latest proposals to see what is actually being offered and what is being taken away. The proposals have the removed or changed language in strike through so we have to carefully read everything  so we don’t lose something by accident. The three proposals were posted yesterday if you want to see for yourself.

During the negotiation meeting the City changed up a few things verbally that sound good but need careful comparison against what we would give up in the process. The verbal proposal was to change the wage offer to 4% restoration staring October followed by a 3% COLA next October. That *does* sound good, but many other things in the proposal are going to make those amounts turn out not so great, things like increased health care costs, decreased health benefits, decreased pension benefits, and no merit increases.

And then the Budget Hearing….



This is page 37 of the City Manager’s presentation last night. This page specifically is interesting for two reasons:

4 Myths About Public Pension Retirees

A very informative article shooting holes in the common myths about Government Pensions.

From the linked article:

Think public retirees have it made? Not necessarily.

True, there have been plenty of headline-grabbing cases of public-sector retirees with seemingly over-generous pensions — even some whose retirement pay outstrips what they made in their working days. But the fact is that most public retirees enjoy modest lifestyles.

Still, in the ongoing debate over reforming public pensions, retirees sometimes are portrayed as living high on the hog, a characterization employee advocates say is unfair — and one that’s clouding the issue.

4 Myths About Public Pension Retirees.

Just to give a small bit of context to the article, the average pension amount from the Florida Retirement System (FRS) is $18,000 annually.  (source here, it’s a PDF, page 3)

Thanks to Kim for pointing out the original article.

Survey – Voice of the Employee

The survey everyone has heard about has finally hit the streets, the link is below if you missed it in your email.

It is a very quick survey, and the company performing the survey insists your responses are private even though the very first question (not optional) is what is your name….

Anyway, we are asking you to complete the survey with the only response of “reverse the pay cuts” or however you want to phrase it to make it your own. And we ask that you pass along the same request to everyone you talk to.