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Union Officer Elections Results!
The Union Officer Elections for the positions of Executive Board General and Trustee were held on December 7, 2021, from 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. at the Union Hall. The winning candidates for each of the positions are listed below.

Executive Board General for a 2-year term – Ameer Khan
Trustee for a 3-year term – Chris Manning

Thank you to everyone who came out to vote!

Proposed Contract – Update

“Where’s the contract?”

Indeed…. where is the contract?

The back and forth of the process of ‘finalizing’ the contract is stalled on the City’s side for the moment. Now that the holidays have passed the process should be back on track, at least that is what we are being told.

There are still some things to schedule, and still some things to review, but the tentative plan is to have the contract ready for review later this week, the ratification vote by the members in about two weeks, and the ratification vote by the Commission and Pension Board by the end of the month.

We’ll update everyone as we get more information here and through the Stewards.

We don’t want to….

Today’s spotlight comment from the negotiations was Management saying “We don’t want to pay more to the employees.”


2:30 – Update

We’re in a side-bar caucus at the request of Management.

So far its an interesting meeting:

  • Cathy made it to this meeting, which is her first.
  • The City’s proposal is actually worse than the last meeting.


3:00 – Update

Sneaky…. They are trying to get rid of bumping and hoping we don’t notice.


3:15 – Update

No merits. Just a one-time merit for anyone who isn’t already maxed out. Just once, not a repeating thing. Doesn’t matter how good a job you do, no raise for you. No more pay for performance.


3:30 – Update

Back from side-bar. Cathy didn’t make it back.

No change to the recall process, if you don’t accept recall you get cut (grade AND pay) to the lower grade.

Done for now.

Thank you to everyone who made it out for today’s meeting. Having an audience was really great considering this is the first time the City Manager has bothered to join us.


It is generally not polite to speak about how much money you have, or don’t have, with company.

So we won’t.

What we will do is share a link and let you decide if this would be helpful to you:


If you are ‘underwater’ on your mortgage, meaning you owe at least 125% more than what your home is worth, you may qualify for a program that can  give you up to $50,000 to help reduce the principal balance.

This is a legitimate program, our very own Housing Division is promoting this program (they will be, we got ahead of them by a bit). This is also a limited time program so if you need some help, click the link above sooner instead of later. You don’t need to tell anyone you clicked the link. Unless you want to.


North Central HOA Meeting

Do you live in North Central Hollywood? Then you should plan to attend tonight’s HOA Meeting!

There are several projects that will be greatly impacting our neighborhood that we need to discuss.  
Sunset Golf course (Johnson St. just east of I-95) from what we have been told has been sold and is slated to become low-income rental apartments.
Sheridan Station (the old Okomo Trailer park Taft and just west of I-95) was approved several years ago as thousands of condo/rental units & retail space.
It was not built because of the downturn in the economy.  The project is being revived with changes.  Again there are to be low-income rental units.
There are several more schools slated to be approved in and around our neighborhood. (2025 McKinley St- 2200 students, 2907 Taylor St. all girls 200 students, 2600 Hollywood Blvd. Ben-Gamila School an additional 1050 students, 2402 Hollywood Blvd.  Montessori school 300 students, 1400 N 46 Ave. Temple Sinai 850 students, Hillcrest Charter School 850 Students, and 502 N 28th Ave an additional 300 students.
Additionally we are still working on Neighborhood Crime, Code issues, Neighborhood improvements, infrastructure work affecting our area and additional information on the Canal.
We have a meeting early next month with the City Manager, New Police Chief and one of our Commissioners. We are to bring all neighborhood concerns to their attention for what we hope to be solutions. If you cannot attend our meeting Tuesdayplease e-mail me @ (cgermano@bellsouth.net orNCHCA@live.com )   or call Cliff Germano @ 954-639-6030 with your concerns (send me the problem, location, pictures, etc.) so that they can be addressed by City Staff.


Contracts, Budgets, and Presentations….

Again, thank you very much to those that took the time to join the negotiation meeting yesterday. The City Manager was going to join us, but apparently she had rehearsals to attend to ahead of the Budget Hearing.

We are still sifting through all the different bits of the latest proposals to see what is actually being offered and what is being taken away. The proposals have the removed or changed language in strike through so we have to carefully read everything  so we don’t lose something by accident. The three proposals were posted yesterday if you want to see for yourself.

During the negotiation meeting the City changed up a few things verbally that sound good but need careful comparison against what we would give up in the process. The verbal proposal was to change the wage offer to 4% restoration staring October followed by a 3% COLA next October. That *does* sound good, but many other things in the proposal are going to make those amounts turn out not so great, things like increased health care costs, decreased health benefits, decreased pension benefits, and no merit increases.

And then the Budget Hearing….



This is page 37 of the City Manager’s presentation last night. This page specifically is interesting for two reasons:

E911 Regionalization – Update

Here is an update regarding the E911 REgionalization. It still isn’t what you would call concrete answers, but at least it is an update.

E911 Regionalization Questions

Q: When will the County meet with employees?

A: Human Resources requested the County meet with employees to address concerns. They stated that as part of their communication plan, they will be scheduling meetings with the PSAP employees on each shift. This will likely happen after they announce the operator of the Consolidated Regional System.


Q: Can AFSCME or City say no to City employees having to work out of the Pines Station 101 (19700 Stirling Rd) in August or September? This will create severe staffing issues!

A: This may no longer be an issue.


Q: Is Regionalization a definite go by October 1?

A: As far as we know -YES.


Q: When will we get bumping lists? Will we get a description of the specific jobs will will be bumping into before making our
decisions (not just the vague description of the job)?

A: “Bumping” Lists will likely be distributed in August -all depends on the County’s timeline. Many job descriptions are available on the City’s website. We plan to have the employee meet with the Dept Dir/Mgr to get a full description/expectation of the position they are looking to bump into.

E-911 Consolidation Update

This just crossed our inbox from HR and we thought you would like to know….

Subject: Notice of E-911 Consolidation

Attached for your attention is a letter providing notification of Broward County’s recently approved consolidation of emergency 911 operations throughout the County, and its result on City positions currently involved in the provision of 911 services.  Please confirm receipt of this document.  Thank you.

Attached is the letter in PDF format… Notice of E-911 Consolidation (you might need to download it to read it).

There is a meeting at City Hall beginning at 4:00 pm if you can make it on such short notice.

Contract Negotiations

I am sure you’ve listened to the news about the PBA and IAFF contract negotiations, and if for whatever reason you haven’t they can best be summed up as “in progress.”

Many of you have asked where we stand in this process and the answer is, for the moment, “in progress.”

As of today here is what’s what regarding our contracts:

Meetings  to finalize the Supervisory Contract are scheduled. More news here and from your Stewards as it is available.

The City has *not* scheduled meetings to begin negotiations with General or Professional units. Anything you hear from management or the media about how well things are going is just a put-off. Nothing is going yet, well or otherwise.

We will keep you up to date as more information becomes available.


Miramar awards bonuses to city employees

Interesting article in the Sun-Sentinel… Miramar has enough reserves to offer its employees a bonus. And this is before they even begin the negotiations on their contracts.

Miramar awards bonuses to city employees – Sun Sentinel.

Yes, Miramar is smaller than Hollywood (slightly). Yes, Miramar has fewer employees than Hollywood. Yes, Miramar apparently has better managers when it comes to finances.

Whatever the reasons, good for the employees. And good for the City Leaders of Miramar to pay attention to their residents AND their employees.