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4 Myths About Public Pension Retirees

A very informative article shooting holes in the common myths about Government Pensions.

From the linked article:

Think public retirees have it made? Not necessarily.

True, there have been plenty of headline-grabbing cases of public-sector retirees with seemingly over-generous pensions — even some whose retirement pay outstrips what they made in their working days. But the fact is that most public retirees enjoy modest lifestyles.

Still, in the ongoing debate over reforming public pensions, retirees sometimes are portrayed as living high on the hog, a characterization employee advocates say is unfair — and one that’s clouding the issue.

4 Myths About Public Pension Retirees.

Just to give a small bit of context to the article, the average pension amount from the Florida Retirement System (FRS) is $18,000 annually.  (source here, it’s a PDF, page 3)

Thanks to Kim for pointing out the original article.

City, workers both win with open competition

Public ~vs~ Private.

It’s  an interesting question and the answer is constantly changing. Every private contractor will tell you they can do better than Municipal Employees and can show you an endless stream of powerpoint slides proving their point.

The reality, however, is quite often very different. An example from the city of San Diego:

The evidence is in. Given the chance, city staff can figure out how to do their work at a lower cost than private, for-profit companies can.

via City, workers both win with open competition | UTSanDiego.com.

Muni-Workers ‘beat out’ private contractors four times running in providing services and saving money.

The article goes on to list several other examples where municipalities have brought services back in-house and saved money at the same time.

Dont blame union for bankrupt cities – USATODAY.com

Do you remember when the Librarians and School Teachers caused the crisis way back in the 70’s?


The myth of massive bankruptcies has a cousin, the big lie that public employees — and their salaries and benefits — are the culprit. That, too, is simply untrue.

via Dont blame union for bankrupt cities – USATODAY.com.


The ‘myth’ in the article is that currently five municipalities have declared bankruptcy. Only Five. Out of 50,000 Municipalities in the US. That is math out to four decimal places….. 0.0001%.

Some ‘Tidal Wave’ isn’t it?

Leave a comment on the USA Today article and show your support of Labor. And show your support for AFSCME.

Out of the office: City Hall receptionists

Reading an interesting article from the Minnesota Star Tribune about smaller municipalities switching away from people and to automated phone systems….

…Smaller cities are increasingly finding the receptionist a luxury they can no longer afford.

via Out of the office: City Hall receptionists | StarTribune.com.

The quote was the most chilling… Employees are now considered a ‘luxury?’  And an expensive luxury to boot?

Yes, the receptionist might be the lowest pay grade out there, but it is still a person performing a job and not some luxury item that only the idle rich can afford.

AFSCME | Cities in Default, a Mouthpiece in Denial

From the AFSCME National Blog….

AFSCME | Cities in Default, a Mouthpiece in Denial.

While the target of the article is the Wall Street Journal and their rather obvious bias against Municipal Workers and Public Benefits in general, the article can be read with a more local tone.

Click the link above, but when you read the article replace the instances of WSJ with City Leaders…. the article still makes perfect sense.



Stockton set to become largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S.

While Stockton is far away from Hollywood, Municipal Bankruptcy is still something to pay close attention to.

This article in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune is reporting some of the problems the City of Stockton is facing in their filing of Chapter 9 Bankruptcy protections.

One of the interesting lines in the article:

Multi-year labor contracts for city workers carrying escalating costs and generous retirement plans added to the burden.

A phrase that is appearing more and more often about Municipal Workers across the country….. Generous Retirement Plans. They make it sound like we Municipal Workers don’t work for and earn those retirement benefits.  And just who, exactly, is deciding what is ‘normal’ and what is ‘generous?’


via Stockton: City set to become largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. – SGVTribune.com.