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Silver Tsunami?

Someone shared this link to an interesting article…


For a long time, there have been warnings of a “silver tsunami” among public employees—a sudden wave of baby boomer retirements that could potentially cripple the workforce.

It is a long read but well worth the time. Especially if you consider how many people our little City has who are now enrolled in the DROP.

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In the past our Local hasn’t been so good with the communications to it member’s…. we admit it and we are working on improving it. One of the many ways we are improving our communications is this website. Another is our updated Facebook Page. Check it out

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Florida’s pension system relatively low on workers – Business – MiamiHerald.com

If you spend any amount of time paying attention to the comment sections of any news article about Public Workers and their benefits you will hear over and over about the ‘outrageous benefits’ we receive as Government Employees. Well a Census Bureau report, by way of the Miami Herald, has this to say about Florida…

…gives Florida low marks for the actual benefits paid to state pensioners. Florida’s average payout is $19,940 a year, well below the national average of $24,140

via Florida’s pension system relatively low on workers – Business – MiamiHerald.com.

And while that data is specific to the State’s retirement system (FRS), it still manages to point out the fallacy about ‘outrageous pension amounts.’

You can make the difference – VOTE!

It’s that time again, the time when the endless stream of “Elect Me!” begins flooding the airwaves, phone lines, and your mailbox.

You don’t have to listen to very much to know that this year will be quite the showdown in the political arena, and the differences between the candidates is probably the largest it’s been in any of our lifetimes.

Of the many, many issues being debated is Workers Rights and the Unions. Emboldened by recent legislative issues and local ‘victories’ many Politicians are working hard to limit, or eliminate, Workers Rights including Collective Bargaining in the Public Sector. Take Michigan, for example:

The right of public service workers to retirement security and other benefits, and their very ability to negotiate for those things through collective bargaining, is under attack nationwide by corporate-driven politicians.

via AFSCME | Michigan Politicians Continue to Play Legal Games Over Workers’ Rights.

Yes, Michigan is far away from our sleepy little town on the southern tip of Florida, but we too have leaders in our State, and our very City, that would very much like the Unions to go away and they are all looking to Wisconsin and Michigan to see what they ‘get away with.’

That is why this year more so than any year before it is so important for you to make your voice heard and cast your ballot. VOTE! The power is still in your hands, use it.

Campaign Time Begins

And we can now consider the Election Campaign Season as fully open.

Hollywood Circle Magazine has a write up on the recent Candidates Forum for Districts 2 and 3, you can read it here: Shootout at the OK Corral Redux.

There is no one take-away moment from the article so read the whole thing and form your own opinions.

And don’t forget to tell your candidates what you expect them to do if elected.


Stockton set to become largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S.

While Stockton is far away from Hollywood, Municipal Bankruptcy is still something to pay close attention to.

This article in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune is reporting some of the problems the City of Stockton is facing in their filing of Chapter 9 Bankruptcy protections.

One of the interesting lines in the article:

Multi-year labor contracts for city workers carrying escalating costs and generous retirement plans added to the burden.

A phrase that is appearing more and more often about Municipal Workers across the country….. Generous Retirement Plans. They make it sound like we Municipal Workers don’t work for and earn those retirement benefits.  And just who, exactly, is deciding what is ‘normal’ and what is ‘generous?’


via Stockton: City set to become largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. – SGVTribune.com.