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JAT – Evergreen Consulting

Many of you are aware the City has hired Evergreen Consulting to do a City-Wide Job Assessment with the reported goal of finding who is doing what, where, when, and how much of it they are doing.

HR says the goal is “to do an in-depth analysis of all the positions in the City.”

Why? The plan is to make sure that everyone is getting paid the average, that when you look at how much the City is paying its employees compared to anywhere else we are in the middle of the pack, none underpaid, none overpaid.

The first question many of you are asking is ‘Why are we hiring this out? Don’t we have an HR Department to do this kind of stuff?

No one has offered an answer to the first question.

The second question, and the one that is causing some confusion, is “Do I have to do this?”

Short answer, yes.

The long answer…. the City wants to do this and it is their right, as far as the Union is concerned, to do however many surveys they want to do. Evergreen Consulting, or any other consulting company, can survey all they want.

The Union, however, doesn’t have to agree with the *findings* of the survey.

If the results of the survey go against any article of the Contract, or the City tries to delay negotiations while the survey is ongoing, then there will be a problem.

Let’s remind the City Commission who we are!

Wednesday, September 5, at 1:45 pm the Hollywood Commission is ‘officially’ imposing their changes on our contracts. This is the last formal step in a process that began over a year ago with the Special Referendum Vote.

This last step in the process is a formality and there is little we can do to change it now, we can, however, remind the Commissioners who this effects.

Please join us in the Commission Chambers on Wednesday at 1:45 pm wearing green and let’s remind the City Commission who we are and why we’re here.

You can make the difference – VOTE!

It’s that time again, the time when the endless stream of “Elect Me!” begins flooding the airwaves, phone lines, and your mailbox.

You don’t have to listen to very much to know that this year will be quite the showdown in the political arena, and the differences between the candidates is probably the largest it’s been in any of our lifetimes.

Of the many, many issues being debated is Workers Rights and the Unions. Emboldened by recent legislative issues and local ‘victories’ many Politicians are working hard to limit, or eliminate, Workers Rights including Collective Bargaining in the Public Sector. Take Michigan, for example:

The right of public service workers to retirement security and other benefits, and their very ability to negotiate for those things through collective bargaining, is under attack nationwide by corporate-driven politicians.

via AFSCME | Michigan Politicians Continue to Play Legal Games Over Workers’ Rights.

Yes, Michigan is far away from our sleepy little town on the southern tip of Florida, but we too have leaders in our State, and our very City, that would very much like the Unions to go away and they are all looking to Wisconsin and Michigan to see what they ‘get away with.’

That is why this year more so than any year before it is so important for you to make your voice heard and cast your ballot. VOTE! The power is still in your hands, use it.

Clock ticking for private garbage collector to clean up its act – The Globe and Mail

Yes, its from Toronto. But it is still an entertaining read on a City’s outsourcing problems.

If we can’t get customer service standards up to where we’d like them to be, it’s going to be more difficult to make the case for further privatization.

via Clock ticking for private garbage collector to clean up its act – The Globe and Mail.

The related stories are just as good and worth the click-through.


Out of the office: City Hall receptionists

Reading an interesting article from the Minnesota Star Tribune about smaller municipalities switching away from people and to automated phone systems….

…Smaller cities are increasingly finding the receptionist a luxury they can no longer afford.

via Out of the office: City Hall receptionists | StarTribune.com.

The quote was the most chilling… Employees are now considered a ‘luxury?’  And an expensive luxury to boot?

Yes, the receptionist might be the lowest pay grade out there, but it is still a person performing a job and not some luxury item that only the idle rich can afford.