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E911 Regionalization – Update

Here is an update regarding the E911 REgionalization. It still isn’t what you would call concrete answers, but at least it is an update.

E911 Regionalization Questions

Q: When will the County meet with employees?

A: Human Resources requested the County meet with employees to address concerns. They stated that as part of their communication plan, they will be scheduling meetings with the PSAP employees on each shift. This will likely happen after they announce the operator of the Consolidated Regional System.


Q: Can AFSCME or City say no to City employees having to work out of the Pines Station 101 (19700 Stirling Rd) in August or September? This will create severe staffing issues!

A: This may no longer be an issue.


Q: Is Regionalization a definite go by October 1?

A: As far as we know -YES.


Q: When will we get bumping lists? Will we get a description of the specific jobs will will be bumping into before making our
decisions (not just the vague description of the job)?

A: “Bumping” Lists will likely be distributed in August -all depends on the County’s timeline. Many job descriptions are available on the City’s website. We plan to have the employee meet with the Dept Dir/Mgr to get a full description/expectation of the position they are looking to bump into.