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Contracts for your review. The links below are to PDF versions and they will take a moment to download or open. If you just want to see the short list of changes then click on the Fact sheet link for your particular contract.

Your steward should have a hard copy available for review on Friday and they will also be available at the Union Hall.

We are scheduling a vote on next Tuesday, February 4th, to ratify these contracts. More information on that will be posted shortly.

The Contracts:


General Contract Fact Sheet

General Contract

Strike-through Version

This version includes the markup of all changes. 



Professional Fact Sheet

Professional Contract

Strike-Through Version
This version includes the markup of all changes. 



Supervisory Fact Sheet

Supervisory Contract

Strike-Through Version
This version includes the markup of all changes. 



Edited – links are fixed and go to correct contracts.

Proposed Contract – Update

“Where’s the contract?”

Indeed…. where is the contract?

The back and forth of the process of ‘finalizing’ the contract is stalled on the City’s side for the moment. Now that the holidays have passed the process should be back on track, at least that is what we are being told.

There are still some things to schedule, and still some things to review, but the tentative plan is to have the contract ready for review later this week, the ratification vote by the members in about two weeks, and the ratification vote by the Commission and Pension Board by the end of the month.

We’ll update everyone as we get more information here and through the Stewards.

We don’t want to….

Today’s spotlight comment from the negotiations was Management saying “We don’t want to pay more to the employees.”


2:30 – Update

We’re in a side-bar caucus at the request of Management.

So far its an interesting meeting:

  • Cathy made it to this meeting, which is her first.
  • The City’s proposal is actually worse than the last meeting.


3:00 – Update

Sneaky…. They are trying to get rid of bumping and hoping we don’t notice.


3:15 – Update

No merits. Just a one-time merit for anyone who isn’t already maxed out. Just once, not a repeating thing. Doesn’t matter how good a job you do, no raise for you. No more pay for performance.


3:30 – Update

Back from side-bar. Cathy didn’t make it back.

No change to the recall process, if you don’t accept recall you get cut (grade AND pay) to the lower grade.

Done for now.

Thank you to everyone who made it out for today’s meeting. Having an audience was really great considering this is the first time the City Manager has bothered to join us.

A Call To Action!

This Is A Call To Action For All AFSCME Employees
and Supporters!

Wear your green and attend next week’s Budget Workshop.

The City Commission needs to see that A.F.S.C.M.E. employees are watching and waiting for real action in regards to wage restoration.

Your attendance is Needed!

Don’t let them think we don’t care!

Tuesday Sept. 3rd

4:00 PM

City Hall Commission Chambers.

While we wait so more….

Typical Government…. Hurry up and wait.

Still waiting on Management to return our calls and set a date so we can continue negotiations.

While we wait there are  a couple of things to share….

First, Labor Day! Not just a long weekend, although that is very much appreciated! Check out the history of the day from the Department of Labor website.

Next Tuesday, September 3, the City is having its Budget Workshop starting at 4:00 p.m. There will be a couple of updates about this in separate broadcasts today and Tuesday, stay tuned! And get your Union Colors ready so we can represent!

And if you have a few minutes to kill here are some previous posts to look at…

From just a couple of days ago, now you can get notices from the Union via text message.

From back in June, the ‘great salary survey‘ that no one has heard about since it was announced. What ever happened to that project?

And from back in March, the Voice of the Employee. Another project that was a big deal but then kind of fizzled and faded away with no real resolution, or even much of an announcement of what it revealed.

And lastly, the Communication Committee is still looking for anyone interested in photography or writing to help with the website and newsletters. No experience needed, just the desire to help.

Negotiations, Round 2

 As many of you are aware we are meeting with the City for Round 2 of negotiations. Yesterday was the meeting for the General Unit CBA, today for the Professional and Supervisory Unit CBA’s.

Yesterday’s meeting can best be described as weak. The City did not have actual written proposals to present, no numbers, in short the meeting could have been concluded in 10 minutes, nine of which would be checking the calendar for the next available date.