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North Central HOA Meeting

Do you live in North Central Hollywood? Then you should plan to attend tonight’s HOA Meeting!

There are several projects that will be greatly impacting our neighborhood that we need to discuss.  
Sunset Golf course (Johnson St. just east of I-95) from what we have been told has been sold and is slated to become low-income rental apartments.
Sheridan Station (the old Okomo Trailer park Taft and just west of I-95) was approved several years ago as thousands of condo/rental units & retail space.
It was not built because of the downturn in the economy.  The project is being revived with changes.  Again there are to be low-income rental units.
There are several more schools slated to be approved in and around our neighborhood. (2025 McKinley St- 2200 students, 2907 Taylor St. all girls 200 students, 2600 Hollywood Blvd. Ben-Gamila School an additional 1050 students, 2402 Hollywood Blvd.  Montessori school 300 students, 1400 N 46 Ave. Temple Sinai 850 students, Hillcrest Charter School 850 Students, and 502 N 28th Ave an additional 300 students.
Additionally we are still working on Neighborhood Crime, Code issues, Neighborhood improvements, infrastructure work affecting our area and additional information on the Canal.
We have a meeting early next month with the City Manager, New Police Chief and one of our Commissioners. We are to bring all neighborhood concerns to their attention for what we hope to be solutions. If you cannot attend our meeting Tuesdayplease e-mail me @ (cgermano@bellsouth.net orNCHCA@live.com )   or call Cliff Germano @ 954-639-6030 with your concerns (send me the problem, location, pictures, etc.) so that they can be addressed by City Staff.


Local 2432 Officer Elections

It is election time again for Local 2432 and this time we have a total of Eight positions on the ballot. That may seem like a lot of positions, and it is, and the reason is a few changes required to match up with our Local Constitution.

So…. who’s on the Ballot for December 4th?

President, Two-Year Term:

Chris Cassidy – Unopposed.

Second-Vice President and Chief Steward, Two-Year Term:

Troy Porter – Unopposed

Secretary-Treasurer, Two-Year Term:

Rafael Quintero – Unopposed

Executive Board – General C.B.A., Two-Year Term:

Alan Corriveau

Bernadette Roelofs

Executive Board – Professional C.B.A., One-Year Term:

Barbara Armand

James Rusnak

Executive Board – At Large, Two-Year Term:

Victor Swackhammer – Unopposed

Trustee, Three-Year Term:

Barry Erickson – Unopposed

Trustee, Two-Year Term:

Steve Letteri

Daniel Culberson

Gerald Jones


For those positions running Unopposed…. Congratulations!


Voting will be Tuesday, December 4th, from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm at the Union Hall. Vote! Its your Union, make your voice heard.


** If I spelled any of your names wrong, please email me and I’ll get it fixed right away – CK

All Hands on Deck

Hello Brothers and Sisters of AFSCME 2432,

 This is the time we get to reward the current Hollywood Commission and show them how much we “appreciate” All the layoffs, pay cuts, benefit reductions, pension referendum, outsourcing and “financial urgency” !


If there ever was an appropriate time to show your feelings, then now is the time to volunteer to change the group of politicians who have “reluctantly” inflicted these hardships on ourselves.  Everyone has been adversely affected within the Local 2432 bargaining units, and everyone should take a stand.

 Whether you live or vote in the city of Hollywood should make no difference in your decision to get involved and volunteer.

 Please ask everyone you work with to get involved.  This email only goes out to a part of the membership of whom we have home email addresses for. Please ask your co-workers, both members and “potential members” to get involved in this election volunteer drive.

 Please print, fill out and FAX the volunteer form below to 954-922-4252 or just send us an email letting us know of your interest and contact info.

 Together United we can change our future for the better!

 In Solidarity,


Local 2432

“We Make Hollywood Happen.”



2012 Election Notice Door Hanger
Local 2432 Supports These Candidates


Click the image to get a full size version you can print. Or ask your Steward and they can get one (or more) for you.

Hollywood elections – Sun-Sentinel

The Sun-Sentinel has a nice article today focusing on the Mayoral candidates as well as Districts 2 and 5.

As it rebounds from last years $38 million budget shortfall and with every seat up for grabs, this city has 18 candidates clambering to serve as mayor and commissioners of districts 1 through 6.

via Hollywood elections: A city activist challenges the mayor, seven candidates vie for two open commission seats. – South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com.

Follow the link and read more. And, if you missed it, you can see who Local 2432 is endorsing this year here.

This year more so than any other it is important that we as Citizens, Residents, and Employees make our voices heard. Vote on November 6!

We support these local candidates

Many of you have asked who Local 2432 is going to support this election season? The Election Committee has made their recommendations as follows:

 For Mayor of Hollywood – Cliff Germano

 For District 1 – No Candidate supported.

 For District 2 – Peter Hernandez

 For District 3 – Traci Lynn Callari

 For District 4 – Justin Serian

 For District 5 – Kevin Beiderman

 For District 6 – Freddy M. Suastegui


 A.F.S.C.M.E. Local 2432 Executive Board voted to approve the above list of candidates.

 Watch this space for more details about each candidate, why we choose to support them, and what you can do to help as an employee and/or resident.

Generous Contracts?

The City of Hollywood, Florida, regularly scheduled meeting is in session. Being presented at this particular moment is the Resolution that is ‘formally’ imposing the contract changes on the three bargaining units represented by AFSCME Local 2432.

By the time you read this the meeting, at least this part of it, will be over so you will have to either wait for the re-broadcast or file a Public Records Request.

We, as Local 2432, will be filing a request for the records so we can share here some of the specific issues the Commissioners and their outside Legal Counsel point out as being the fault of us, the employees of Hollywood.

Yes, today’s presentation is just a formality. It is the last step of many in a process that started over a year ago with the Special Referendum.


We as Local 2432 know something the City Commission doesn’t….. it’s an election year.  And after today’s presentation, or maybe because of today’s presentation, we as Local 2432 are more willing than ever to put time, money, and effort into making a change in leadership this November.

You can make the difference – VOTE!

It’s that time again, the time when the endless stream of “Elect Me!” begins flooding the airwaves, phone lines, and your mailbox.

You don’t have to listen to very much to know that this year will be quite the showdown in the political arena, and the differences between the candidates is probably the largest it’s been in any of our lifetimes.

Of the many, many issues being debated is Workers Rights and the Unions. Emboldened by recent legislative issues and local ‘victories’ many Politicians are working hard to limit, or eliminate, Workers Rights including Collective Bargaining in the Public Sector. Take Michigan, for example:

The right of public service workers to retirement security and other benefits, and their very ability to negotiate for those things through collective bargaining, is under attack nationwide by corporate-driven politicians.

via AFSCME | Michigan Politicians Continue to Play Legal Games Over Workers’ Rights.

Yes, Michigan is far away from our sleepy little town on the southern tip of Florida, but we too have leaders in our State, and our very City, that would very much like the Unions to go away and they are all looking to Wisconsin and Michigan to see what they ‘get away with.’

That is why this year more so than any year before it is so important for you to make your voice heard and cast your ballot. VOTE! The power is still in your hands, use it.

Campaign Time Begins

And we can now consider the Election Campaign Season as fully open.

Hollywood Circle Magazine has a write up on the recent Candidates Forum for Districts 2 and 3, you can read it here: Shootout at the OK Corral Redux.

There is no one take-away moment from the article so read the whole thing and form your own opinions.

And don’t forget to tell your candidates what you expect them to do if elected.