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Call to Action – Second Budget Hearing

Thank you again to everyone who made it out last time, it was a sea of green and it  made them pay attention!

And it’s time to do it one more time….. The Second Budget Hearing is  Monday, September 23, at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall.

Please be there so we can keep the message going that we are here and are still waiting for some real effort from the leaders of this fine City regarding pay restoration for the AFSCME employees.

This goes for you too, Non-Reps. Your pay and benefits are based loosely on our Contracts so the more you help us the more you help yourself!

Show your solidarity! Wear your green! 


All Hands on Deck

Hello Brothers and Sisters of AFSCME 2432,

 This is the time we get to reward the current Hollywood Commission and show them how much we “appreciate” All the layoffs, pay cuts, benefit reductions, pension referendum, outsourcing and “financial urgency” !


If there ever was an appropriate time to show your feelings, then now is the time to volunteer to change the group of politicians who have “reluctantly” inflicted these hardships on ourselves.  Everyone has been adversely affected within the Local 2432 bargaining units, and everyone should take a stand.

 Whether you live or vote in the city of Hollywood should make no difference in your decision to get involved and volunteer.

 Please ask everyone you work with to get involved.  This email only goes out to a part of the membership of whom we have home email addresses for. Please ask your co-workers, both members and “potential members” to get involved in this election volunteer drive.

 Please print, fill out and FAX the volunteer form below to 954-922-4252 or just send us an email letting us know of your interest and contact info.

 Together United we can change our future for the better!

 In Solidarity,


Local 2432

“We Make Hollywood Happen.”



2012 Election Notice Door Hanger
Local 2432 Supports These Candidates


Click the image to get a full size version you can print. Or ask your Steward and they can get one (or more) for you.

Balanced Budgets and Paycuts?

So the leadership of Hollywood is patting itself on the back for presenting a balanced budget this year and most of the employees are breathing a sigh of relief that the budget is not being balanced on their backs again as it was in the previous four years.


In looking at the schedule of meetings, there is an item on this Wednesday’s Agenda (http://agenda.hollywoodfl.org/cache/00001/184/AGEN%209-19-12.pdf_) at 1:45 pm where the Human Resources Director is recommending that the Merit Increases and Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) paid in 2012 be taken back from all of  the employees who received them.

What madness is this?

This is just an arbitrary cutting of employees pay. Who does this pay cut benefit? Where do the savings go? If the City has balanced the budget and doesn’t need this pay cut to close any budget gap why are they doing it?

So this is what the Commissioners mean by “Equity.” Let’s treat all the employees like they are (bad words go here).

Generous Contracts?

The City of Hollywood, Florida, regularly scheduled meeting is in session. Being presented at this particular moment is the Resolution that is ‘formally’ imposing the contract changes on the three bargaining units represented by AFSCME Local 2432.

By the time you read this the meeting, at least this part of it, will be over so you will have to either wait for the re-broadcast or file a Public Records Request.

We, as Local 2432, will be filing a request for the records so we can share here some of the specific issues the Commissioners and their outside Legal Counsel point out as being the fault of us, the employees of Hollywood.

Yes, today’s presentation is just a formality. It is the last step of many in a process that started over a year ago with the Special Referendum.


We as Local 2432 know something the City Commission doesn’t….. it’s an election year.  And after today’s presentation, or maybe because of today’s presentation, we as Local 2432 are more willing than ever to put time, money, and effort into making a change in leadership this November.

Florida’s state pension ekes out small annual gain

Florida’s Retirement System (FRS) is doing OK overall:

…Over the past 20 years, the pension fund has seen an average annual return of 8.1 percent, above the 7.75 percent annual benchmark.

via Florida’s state pension ekes out small annual gain | Reuters.

And the interesting item in the article is the traditional Defined Benefit funds have averaged 11% over three years while the Defined Contribution funds have only grown a mere one percent (1.07%).

If the FRS system is successful with only a 3% contribution from the employees, why is Hollywood doing so poorly with a 9% employee contribution?

North Miami Beach votes down garbage privatization | News – Home

Congratulations to the workers in North Miami Beach for defeating being privatized!

“They’re doing a fantastic job. So why would we outsource when we don’t know the results,” said Mary Hilton, president of the North Miami Beach Civic Association.

via North Miami Beach votes down garbage privatization | News – Home.


The above quote from Mrs. Hilton is in reference to a growing awareness of Privatizing (Outsourcing) not being the panacea that will fix all the Budget woes in this down economy.

You can read more from the AFSCME National website on Privatization here: http://www.afscme.org/issues/privatization


Months of work by members of AFSCME Local 3293 resulted in the overwhelming defeat of a plan to privatize sanitation services in North Miami Beach, Fla. (Photo by Bianca Kendall)
Months of work by members of AFSCME Local 3293 resulted in the overwhelming defeat of a plan to privatize sanitation services in North Miami Beach, Fla. (Photo by Bianca Kendall)

Miami misled investors over city’s financial health

The story is focused on the City’s financial issues specific to Bonds….

A 2½-year investigation by federal authorities has concluded that the city of Miami misled investors about the city’s financial health as it sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of bonds dating back to 2007.

via Miami misled investors over city’s financial health, SEC charges – Miami-Dade – MiamiHerald.com.


But it does make you wonder about the need to declare Fiscal Urgency…. if things were moved around to make the Bond deals ‘better’ why couldn’t things be moved around to make the F.U. equally necessary?

A word about Red Light Cameras

An excerpt from the Margate News .net regarding Red-Light Cameras:

Red Light Camera revenues not what the city thought they would be

Originally, the state wasn’t supposed to get a piece of a city’s red light camera revenues. But in July 2010 that changed when Florida lawmakers enacted legislation requiring Florida cities to fork over more than 50 percent of red-light camera fines to state coffers, leaving Margate and other cities with far fewer revenues than anticipated. For every $158 red-light camera citation Margate collects, the state gets $83.00.

But that’s not all. Of the $385,000 in red light camera fines Margate collected in October 2011 – April 2012 (the first six-months of the program in Margate), the city paid the red light camera vendor (America Traffic Solutions) $240,000 in contract services; hired two community service aides at a combined salary of $67,400 to administer the program; paid out a combined $19,000 in operating and office supplies and $6,500 in court expenses.*

Margate’s share: about $52,000.

via MargateNews.net – [Margate News Briefs: Snipe Signs, CPR, Red Light Cameras and the Angel of the Aging].

So another Municipality acknowledges that the Red Light Camera’s were really a revenue stream and had little to do with ‘public safety.’

Now, how do we go about removing these things?