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News and Notes from the President of AFSCME Local 2432

Member Holiday Party, December 19th!


It’s that time of year again!  To show our appreciation for our Union members, we’re planning a party to celebrate the holidays on Saturday, December 19th at Tropical Acres, 2500 Griffin Road, from 7PM – 11PM.  We had a great event last time and look forward to seeing you there.

Please click the attached flyer with RSVP coupon here–>  Holiday party invitation –>  fill out and return it to your union steward or Barbara Armand (I.T. Helpdesk) or mail/drop in the Union Hall mailbox  – 2734 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, FL 33020.  MEMBERS ONLY – AND THE RSVP DEADLINE IS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2015!


Nominations and Elections

Nominations for the following Officer positions will take place at a Special Meeting on November 17th @ 5:30 PM.  Nominations will close promptly at 7PM.    Elections will be held on December 8th (see flyer below).  Any member with more than 1 year of active membership is eligible to be nominated.   Members will  also be receiving notice in the mail soon.

  • Vice-President – 2 year term
  • Secretary – 2 year term
  • E-Board General – 2 year term
  • E-Board Professional – 2 year term
  • Trustee – 3 year term


Notice of Regular Election - 2015

Status of Contract Negotiations

Dear Brothers and Sisters of AFSCME Local 2432

I am writing to provide you an update as to the status of our Union’s contract negotiations with the City. In the Professional and Supervisory groups, our bargaining teams have met with the City’s management team only 3 times (real negotiations) over the course of the last two months. The latest negotiations session was held last Thursday, October 8th 2015. We were told prior to the meeting to be prepared to stay until we have an agreement, and were hopeful that we might make real progress toward a new agreement.

With that understanding, our bargaining teams presented all of our counter proposals, including a new proposal regarding our pension plan. In case you had not heard, the Police just negotiated a modified planned retirement with only a 0.5% employee contribution down from 8%, and changed the normal retirement date to 25 years of service regardless of age). We requested the same modified planned retirement with a 30 years of service normal retirement date provision, regardless of age. This was only the 4th item out of approximately 57 items that were on the table, but the meeting immediately turned negative from management’s side.  We were berated and accused of playing games.  We all took this as very condescending and disrespectful not only to our bargaining team, but to our membership as a whole.

Labor – Management Meetings: Send us your work area issues

AFSCME Local 2432 representatives and City Administration will be meeting monthly to discuss work area issues in various departments.  The first meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 23rd. Please email any issues in your work area that you’d like to have brought up.  The goal is for better employee/management relations going forward and to work towards a better workplace environment.  Your identity will remain anonymous, so speak up.  Please email your issues/comments by September 11th and we’ll keep you posted.

Local 2432 Update – Evergreen, Negotiations, and more

Evergreen has completed the draft compensation study for the General Bargaining Unit. The Union is scheduled to meet with the City on Thursday, September 3rd @ 2 PM in City Hall room 215 for Evergreen to present their findings.  Click here to read the draft report ->> Draft Report – Compensation Study for the City of Hollywood FL (AFSCME).

Professional and Supervisory Bargaining Units negotiation session is scheduled for this Tuesday, September 1st @ 2 PM in City hall room 215.

The City held a Joint City/CRA workshop in which the CRA has agreed to work with the City to give back money to the City’s General Fund.  Hats off to Commissioner Callari for pointing out that it is very disappointing that this offer wasn’t made during “Financial Urgency” (FU). The CRA’s response was basically – nobody asked (seriously).

Any General Bargaining Unit members who are due a FY 2015 merit increase (not topped out), but either has a past due performance review, or has received a satisfactory review but has not received their PA for the increase, please contact HR if you have not already. President Chris Cassidy has brought this issue to the attention of Tammie Hechler, HR Director,  who has sent the message to the Departments to process the PA’s per the contract.

Memorial Service for Walter Crosson, South Florida union leader and friend of Local 2432

It is with much sadness to report the passing of Walter Crosson, a local community activist and a true friend of the working man and the labor movement.  We encourage our members to attend the memorial service tomorrow (see below for info).  Walt’s helped our Local many times in the past and will truly be missed.

Message from Mike Williams, Florida AFL-CIO

Sisters and Brothers, 

As a reminder, the memorial for Walter Crosson is this Sunday.  See below for the details.

When: Sunday, August 9th, at 3PM-6PM
Where: Fred Hunter’s Funeral Home
Address: 6301 Taft St. Hollywood, FL

Walt Crosson, 70, of Miami passed away July 22, 2015 at Aventura Hospital after a short illness. Walt was a lifetime Miami resident, born August 9, 1944. He graduated from North Miami High School and served in the U.S. Air Force.

Following his discharge, Walt went to work for Florida Power and Light. He retired after over 46 years of service.

Walt was a community and labor activist. He was a member of the IBEW, the Broward County AFL-CIO, the United Way and many other community agencies.

Survivors include Walt’s wife, Dayna; daughter, Rachel and his beloved Maltese companion, Livi. He was preceded in death by his parents, Stanley Walter and Margaret L. (Keplinger) Crosson.

Walt was laid to rest near his parents at Southern Memorial Park in North Miami, Florida.

Vice Presidents, Treasurers, and Bears… oh my!

Ladies and Gentlemen of Local 2432, we need to update our selection of officers slightly. We need to make our Treasurer a ‘full-time’ position. No, not a full-time job, just a position that does nothing but treasury stuff.

Currently we have a Secretary/Treasurer and their function includes a lot of work, a lot of which overlaps each other, a bit which works in opposition to each other.

The suggestion the Executive Board wishes to place before the members is to split the current position into one Secretary position and one Treasurer position. In order to keep the Executive Board an odd-number of people the First Vice President position will be removed at the end of the current office holders term.

The “New” Executive Board will be a President, Vice President/Chief Steward, Secretary, Treasurer, and the current five Board members. Nine members.

In order to make this change the members must first elect to change our Local Constitution. Then our changed Local Constitution is submitted to AFSCME National for approval. Once approved by National we’re done and can start the process of electing and appointing the new positions.

So, having said all that here is the proposed schedule for these changes:

General Member Meeting, Tuesday, May 20th, starting at 5:30 pm. will be the first formal reading of the proposed changes to the Constitution of Local 2432.

Unfair Labor Practice – Update

And another update, or rumor control if you are hearing the whispering voices….. via email from Local President Chris Cassidy to the Mayor, City Commission, and City Manager:

I have been informed that you have expressed disappointment with the fact that I did not inform you, at our last monthly meeting, of AFSCME’s intent to file the ULP.  Just to be clear, AFSCME has been holding off on filing the ULP in the hopes negotiations would go well thus making it unnecessary.  When we last met I did not know what you were going to be proposing at negotiations.  When my bargaining team met with yours last week, it became crystal clear that the City had no intention of rectifying the pay and benefit losses AFSCME bargaining unit members suffered as a result of the City’s declaration of financial urgency.  Not only did your proposal fail to resolve the inequities our membership is currently experiencing, you actually proposed further cuts to our membership’s pay and benefits.  It was that slap in the face, along with the numerous other attempts to take from our membership (such as ceasing longevity payments, contracting out AFSCME positions/work, the changing of full time positions to part time, the promoting of select individuals, etc…) as well as your refusal to sit down and partake in the negotiation process (AFSCME has been trying to meet with you for over seven months now and we still have not been provided any financials) that led AFSCME to file the ULP.