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News and Notes from the President of AFSCME Local 2432

Monthly Member Meeting Reminder; Take Home Vehicle Policy

Reminder:  Monthly Member Meeting tomorrow @ 6:30 PM – Union Hall Address: 2734 Hollywood Blvd, parking in the rear.

Take Home Vehicle Policy

Last December, without any notice from the City, it modified Policy HR-038, which controls the use of take home vehicles.

Although Local 2432 has the right to contest the City’s unilateral action, upon review of the changes in the policy by our attorney, he advised that the changes appear reasonable in scope, and do not seem to place any substantial burden upon our membership. Consequently, Chris Cassidy, President, sent a letter to the City expressing the Union’s disappointment for the manner in which it adopted the changes to the policy, and warning the City that should it make any future changes to that policy, or any of the provisions of the collective bargaining agreements in place for our General Employees, Supervisory Employees or Professional Employees, that Local 2432 will promptly review its options, whether through the filing of a grievance or an unfair labor practice charge.

We are providing this e-mail, not only to explain what has transpired, but also to explain what is now required by Policy HR-038.

1. The City explains that by Florida law, as interpreted by the courts (Garcia v. Hollywood), when an employee travels to and from home to work (portal to portal use), the employee is not considered to be working at that time.

Living Wage Laws Under Attack!

Call the number below and tell your legislator to stand up for living wage laws in Florida!

Message from Florida AFL-CIO


This Thursday, April 20th, your state senators will be voting on SB 534, a bill that would eliminate local living wage laws and prohibit local governments from passing worker friendly ordinances in their communities on public works projects.


SB 534 reaches its final committee stop in Senate Appropriations on Thursday, marking our last opportunity to stop this bad bill before it hits the Senate floor.


Call 855-910-8513 to be connected with a state senator on the Appropriations Committee and tell them to vote NO on SB 534.

SB 534, represents one of the biggest threats to local control and working families this session. This bill creates sweeping new preemptions on local governments, restricting their ability to enact and enforce local ordinances designed to help workers and local economic development efforts.


This would make local living wage, prevailing wage, apprenticeship program requirements and other ordinances illegal on public works projects.


Aside from being a massive overreach by Tallahassee into the decisions of local governments, this bill boils down to a pay cut for thousands of workers across the state.


Call 855-910-8513 and leave senators with the message that you reject any attempts to limit local governments from passing pro-worker ordinances and urge them to vote NO on SB 534.

Call to Action – Florida House Bill – HB 11, Attack on Public Employee Unions

The politicians in Tallahassee are taking aim at working families once again.   See the below urgent message from AFL-CIO Florida President Mike Williams.  Call your State Rep. at (855) 235-2469 to voice your opposition to this union busting bill!

This Thursday, March 30th, your state reps will vote on HB 11, the union busting bill that would eliminate public unions in a workplace if voluntary dues paying membership falls below an arbitrarily set percentage.

After workers packed committee meetings last week to voice their strong opposition against this bad bill, house leaders continued their push to roll back workers’ rights in our state.

HB 11 would allow for the decertification of any public sector bargaining unit that can’t demonstrate that their voluntary dues paying membership represents 50% or more of the total number of employees in the workplace.

Make no mistake, the intent of this bill is to strip our teachers and public servants from having a voice on the job. This bill would eliminate their ability to collectively bargain for fair wages and benefits, and silence their advocacy for the rights of all workers in Florida.  

HB 11 is one of the perennial favorites for anti-worker legislators, and template legislation from big business backed organizations like the American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC.

Union Election Results/Picnic Reminder

Election Results

The following members were nominated and elected (ran unopposed) at Tuesday’s Special Meeting:

  • President – 2 year term – Christopher Cassidy
  • Treasurer – 2 year term – Rafael Quintero
  • E-Board Supervisory – John Brummer
  • E-Board General – Robert Kine
  • E-Board At-Large – William Clift
  • Trustee – 3 year term – James Babich (John Berak has withdrawn)

The members will be sworn in at the General Member meeting on January 17th.

Union Picnic Tomorrow (11/19)

We look forward to seeing our members and family tomorrow @ TY Park from noon – 4 PM.  Feel free to bring a game ball as there’s plenty of open field space near the pavilion.  We’ll also have a bounce house, face painting for the kids, and food from Scruby’s BBQ.  Hope to see you there!

Reminder: Nominations and Elections

Nominations for the following Officer positions will take place at a Special Meeting tomorrow, November 14th @ 6:30 PM.  Nominations will close promptly at 8PM.    Elections will be held on December 6th (see flyer below).  Any member with more than 1 year of active membership is eligible to be nominated.

  • President – 2 year term
  • Treasurer – 2 year term
  • E-Board Supervisory – 2 year term
  • E-Board General – 2 year term
  • E-Board At-Large – 2 year term
  • Trustee – 3 year term



VOTE TODAY! – Don’t take your solemn right to vote for granted – there is too much at stake locally and nationally this election.


This election will be pivotal in determining the City’s direction.  As employees and residents, we’ve seen some of our best services outsourced (Sanitation, 911) and many City positions left unfilled.  We’re doing more with less and as a Union, we’ve come to the table to try and bridge the gap with City management.  Unfortunately, we are still a scapegoat and target during budget season.








Local 2432 Candidate Spotlight – Eleanor Sobel for Mayor

Eleanor Sobel has been a fighter for Hollywood for over 20 years.  She has served the people of Hollywood with integrity and has been honored as an advocate for children and seniors.  She has the experience to ensure that Hollywood residents’ voices are heard locally, in Tallahassee, and even in Washington.  We need a fighter who knows how to get our fair share to improve our community.

As a State Senator, Eleanor exposed the “Financial Urgency”  debacle by requesting a state audit into the shenanigans of City Hall’s financial mismanagement which resulted in the scapegoating of employees and a tax increase for residents.  Eleanor is NOT endorsed by the current Mayor who lead us down the road to annual budget shortfalls, poor garbage pick up (sanitation outsourcing), and low employee morale. She represents a new and better direction for Hollywood.  

From Eleanor’s website:  “Hollywood needs a fighter, someone who cares passionately about our future and has the experience to make a difference for the people who call this city home”

Please see this great Sun-Sentinel bio of Eleanor -> Sun-Sentinel Bio 

AFSCME supports Eleanor Sobel for Mayor of Hollywood!

We need your help this election, so come out on Tuesday to find out what you can do to help.  Elections matter and we’ve already felt the consequences of poor leadership.  DON’T SIT THIS ONE OUT…WE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!  Call or text Bob Strauss at 954-881-2724 or email to get started today!

Candidate Spotlight – Jeffrey Ladner for District 6

Jeffrey “Jeff” Ladner has been a proven leader for positive change in the Hillcrest community.  He was instrumental in making sure the residents received a fair deal with the developers who will be building new homes in his community.  As a health care administrator for the past 20 years, he brings a wealth of much needed knowledge to the City Commission.  He is a critical thinker and will listen, build consensus, and work towards positive change for Hollywood.

From Jeff’s website: “Jeff intends to bring his experience of proven leadership and consensus building to the residents of Hollywood. Jeff understands the importance of listening and responding to the cares and concerns of the residents and the business owners of Hollywood-particularly those of District 6.”


AFSCME Supports Jeff Ladner for District 6 Commissioner!


We need your help this election, so come out on Tuesday to find out what you can do to help.  Elections matter and we’ve already felt the consequences of poor leadership.  DON’T SIT THIS ONE OUT…WE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!  Call or text Bob Strauss at 954-881-2724 or email to get started today!






Candidate Spotlight – Barry Faske for District 4

Barry “Mr. Green” Faske has been a strong voice for a sustainable and resilient Hollywood.   As a member of the City’s “Green Team”, he is for keeping Hollywood’s Sunset and Emerald Hills golf courses green and believes developers should be held to the City’s new green building standards.   He’s also a strong believer in “One Hollywood” where no area should be left behind and every area benefits from the City’s prosperity.

From Barry’s website – “Support our Police, Fire, and City Employees as we expect them to support our best interest – Find ways to encourage those who go beyond expectations”
AFSCME Green is for Barry “Mr. Green” Faske –  We support Barry for District 4 Commissioner. 
Join us on Tuesday, October 18th @ 6:30 PM at the Union Hall to work to make sure Barry Faske gets elected as District 4 Commissioner.


Join us on Tuesday, October 18th at 6:30 PM for a special meeting to update you on the November municipal election and to find out how you can be the difference between a Hollywood that values it’s workers and invests in its people and services or a Hollywood that goes back down the road to mismanagement.

We need your help this election, so come out on Tuesday to find out what you can do to help.  Elections matter and we’ve already felt the consequences of poor leadership.  DON’T SIT THIS ONE OUT…WE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!  Call or text Bob Strauss at 954-881-2724 or email to get started today and see you on Tuesday!