Union Executive Board

On Tuesday night, I shared with the Executive Board that I have been left with no choice other than to reduce my involvement in Local 2432 activities, as my family needs my attention on a priority basis. Regrettably, I advised the Board that I had to step down from being Union Vice President, but shared my pride in their efforts on behalf of all of us, my continuing commitment to help our union however possible, and my interest in staying involved, as my time permits.

Thankfully, many years ago when our Local Union Constitution was drafted, it took into account that we each have our own lives and commitments, and that despite our best intent, some of us after being elected, may not be able to complete our elected terms of office.

In this instance, the Constitution provides that when the Union Vice President leaves office before his/her term has expired, the Union Secretary is automatically elevated to Vice President.

Union Secretary Ian Albertson stepped up his game and graciously accepted the appointment, without any reservation, knowing full well all of the responsibilities and time required to serve our membership. Based upon my prior experience working with Ian, I am confident that he will undoubtedly prove to be a worthy successor to me as our Local 2432 Vice President.

Pending PERC Ruling – Financial Urgency

As most of you know, when the City took away some of our pension benefits back in 2011 in Financial Urgency, Local 2432, the PBA and IAFF Local 1375 filed unfair labor practice charges against the City with PERC to contest Financial Urgency, and ultimately, those claims ended up before the Florida Supreme Court.

The Florida Supreme Court held that the City violated the State Constitution, and ordered PERC to hold hearings to determine what remedies would be appropriate. Those hearings have now been held, and we are awaiting PERC’s decision as to whether the City will be required to restore all of the pension benefits back to what was in effect before Financial Urgency. Once the PERC process has run its course, we do not expect that the PBA, IAFF nor AFSCME will bring any additional litigation against the City regarding Financial Urgency.

During our first contract negotiations session, the City expressly stated that it recognized that it needs to treat all of its union-represented employees equitably, whether members of Local 2432, the PBA or IAFF Local 1375. Not only are we seeking to have our pension benefits fully restored, but also, to have the City address the shortcomings that we have all experienced with our healthcare coverage since the switch from Blue Cross Blue Shield to Cigna.

PERC – Bargaining Units

The Florida Public Employee Relations Commission (PERC), based upon the Florida Constitution and state laws, determines which city jobs are to be included with the General, Professional or Supervisory Units, and which must be excluded.

Last year, we filed a petition with PERC to have our units recertified, and to get clarification as to which jobs should be included within our bargaining units. Based upon this process, it became clear that over the years the City had improperly slotted several job classifications outside of our bargaining units into Managerial or Confidential positions.

We have a final hearing on May 1st, and then PERC will issue its final orders listing all bargaining unit positions, and all excluded Managerial or Confidential positions.

Once this PERC recertification process has been completed, and since we have already started contract negotiations with the City, we will also bargain hard for these additional employees.

Stay tuned.

Possible End to 4 Day Work Week

Brothers and Sisters of Local 2432,

Please see the below survey link about neighborhood priorities. Anyone that is in Hollywood can take this survey……. from what I hear is that a few Commissioners want the employees to go back to a 5 day 8 hour work week. Have friends, family or anyone you know complete this survey as it is good for Hollywood as a whole. If they enjoy the enhanced services by having City Hall open till 6…….. As Friday it is closed… please let them know. This also is a great conduit for any other issues of concern.

Survey Link:


Christopher Cassidy, President
AFSCME Local 2432

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