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Silver Tsunami?

Someone shared this link to an interesting article…

For a long time, there have been warnings of a “silver tsunami” among public employees—a sudden wave of baby boomer retirements that could potentially cripple the workforce.

It is a long read but well worth the time. Especially if you consider how many people our little City has who are now enrolled in the DROP.

What would you do?

It’s Thursday and you need to take a break for a minute or two…. allow us to give you a bit of distraction:

What would you do if you won the lottery?

No, not what or how many would you buy…. how would you want to get paid? Take the lump sum? Or take the annuity for 30 years? These people asked just that question…

If you don’t want to follow the link I’ll share the answer…. it depends. If you can invest your money and get a good return then you want the lump sum. Your mileage, of course, may vary.

Now that you have a bit of rationality applied to this idea you should feel free to daydream for a bit about that tropical island you’re going to buy when you hit the Powerball.

April Member Picnic

We hope everyone had fun last night. For those of you who couldn’t join us, here is what you missed…


Grill Master Porter!
Grill Master Porter!

It looks kinda like Mr Cassidy is about to break out in song.... ;)
It looks kinda like Mr Cassidy is about to break out in song…. 😉

Mr Strauss eyes the camera
Mr Strauss eyes the camera

2013 April Picnic

2013 April Picnic
Picnic Flyer 2013 April Picnic

2013 April Picnic
2013 April Picnic

If you have pictures you would like to share please email them to the Hall ( with the subject line of Picnic Pictures.