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It has been brought to our attention…..

A bit of rumor control, or a bit of information if you haven’t been hearing the rumors….. the following email went from our Local President Mr. Cassidy via email to the Mayor, Commissioners, and City Manager today:


It has been brought to AFSCME’s attention that you have been advising City Commissioners that AFSCME is not and/or has not been seeking some form of pay restoration for our membership, prior to the implementation of successor agreements in our three units.  I want to make it perfectly clear that nothing could be further from the truth.  AFSCME has consistently been seeking restoration for our membership.  We would be more than willing to enter into MOUs with the City to accomplish this goal.  Unfortunately, given the City’s ridiculous contract proposal at our last Supervisory Unit negotiation session, as well as the lack of proposals in the Professional and General Units, it appears that the City has no intention of working with AFSCME to attain restoration.  Hopefully that mindset will change so we can get back to the business of attempting to obtain fair and equitable pay and benefit packages for the workers who make up the backbone of this City.


Christopher Cassidy President,

A.F.S.C.M.E., Local 2432

E911 Regionalization – Update

Here is an update regarding the E911 REgionalization. It still isn’t what you would call concrete answers, but at least it is an update.

E911 Regionalization Questions

Q: When will the County meet with employees?

A: Human Resources requested the County meet with employees to address concerns. They stated that as part of their communication plan, they will be scheduling meetings with the PSAP employees on each shift. This will likely happen after they announce the operator of the Consolidated Regional System.


Q: Can AFSCME or City say no to City employees having to work out of the Pines Station 101 (19700 Stirling Rd) in August or September? This will create severe staffing issues!

A: This may no longer be an issue.


Q: Is Regionalization a definite go by October 1?

A: As far as we know -YES.


Q: When will we get bumping lists? Will we get a description of the specific jobs will will be bumping into before making our
decisions (not just the vague description of the job)?

A: “Bumping” Lists will likely be distributed in August -all depends on the County’s timeline. Many job descriptions are available on the City’s website. We plan to have the employee meet with the Dept Dir/Mgr to get a full description/expectation of the position they are looking to bump into.

Did you ever want to be a reporter?

Did you ever want to be a reporter like in those old films?

Well, we can’t offer you that level of excitement because we aren’t the Big City.

We do, however, still need some ‘man on the street’ reporters to get news and items of interest from the members.


Want to know more?

Send an email to

Contract Update – Media Wars

So the City has posted on their website their response to the negotiations so far….

Which is funny because they haven’t told us any of this yet.

Lets take a look at what they do say, and I’m going to start with their last line first just to make something clear:

Additional negotiation meetings are anticipated with each of the AFSCME bargaining units.

Yes, additional meetings would be nice. There’s been a total of two so far, neither of which were anything more than us presenting our proposed contract to them. We’ve been waiting, are still waiting, for Management to set meetings for the next round of talks. Supposedly we are waiting on the results of an Executive Session with the Commission, but none of the Commissioner’s we’ve talked to know anything about any Executive Session.

Then back to the beginning for a point-by-point:

Currently the City is analyzing and costing out proposals regarding pension changes, health care contributions, salaries, merit pay increases and sick leave accrual payouts.

Funny, you would think they could have had this information done and ready before the meetings were even scheduled. It’s not like we surprised them or anything.

The City has indicated to AFSCME that it is seeking to have all employees on the same pension plan and with consistently priced health insurance benefits (employees whose salaries and benefits are paid out of Enterprise Funds were not impacted by the pension reforms or salary and benefit changes put in place under Financial Urgency).