No Strings Attached….

No Strings Attached
No Strings Attached

There is a phrase you occasionally hear during negotiations…. No Strings Attached.

But what does that mean?

The origin of the phrase is a little unclear. Some say it comes from the silk merchants in the 18th Century who would mark a flaw in the fabric with a small string. When a seamstress needed a run of silk with no flaws they would order the silk ‘with no strings attached’ meaning they wanted no flaws in their order.

Others take a more pragmatic approach to the phrase pointing out that a string is the same as a cord, or rope, and would be used to lead or control animals. To have ‘no strings attached’ would mean to be free of control.

Flawless, or free from control, the concept behind the phrase is very simple…. If something is offered with ‘no strings attached’ then it is being given as a gift. There is no expectation of something in return for the gift.

This post is offered to you with no strings attached. It is a gift of something interesting to think about.