Hollywood Outsourcing Your Job?

This afternoon, one City Commissioner put all of us on notice.

She told everyone, that she FOUND OUT that the City could OUTSOURCE ALL of the jobs in at least 2 departments. But, she made it known that she would never outsource the police or fire departments.

Beach Rescue?

Building Department?

Information Technology?

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts?

Public Utilities?

Public Works?

Other departments? She wouldn’t say.

And it only gets worse! Watch her tell everyone that your health and pension benefits should be slashed!

Don’t believe it?   See the following clip from this afternoon’s workshop meeting:

Come to the Budget Hearing next Tuesday, July 3rd at City Hall, in the Commission Chambers, Room 219. The Budget can affect your job, your family’s healthcare, and your pension benefits.

As soon as we can determine what time this will be brought up at the meeting, we will send you an update.

Wear your AFSCME Local 2432 T-Shirt. Don’t have one, wear a green shirt.

In Solidarity.

Christopher Cassidy, President
AFSCME Local 2432