The vote was unanimous. We are sending the proposed Constitutional changes to AFSCME International for final approval.

We’ll keep you updated as the process progresses. 

General Meeting and the Vote!

General meeting, this coming Tuesday, June 17, the usual Third Tuesday of the month.

This meeting is a bit more than just a regular meeting because we are voting to change the Constitution of Local 2432. Copies of the proposed contract will be available if you missed the last meeting. It will also be read out loud on more time before the vote. The vote will be a simple voice vote requiring three-fourths of the votes be affirmative.

If you have questions about the proposed changes, ask your Steward or any of the Officers.

See you next Tuesday!

Compensation Studies

It would seem the idea of holding employees back pending a compensation study is not an idea limited to our fair city….

This news item from the Corvallis Gazette….

Altmann Hughes said that some exempt employees will receive more than 3 percent, and some salaries will remain flat as the city works on a compensation study that is seeking to avoid situations in which supervisors earn the same or just slightly more than the employees they supervise.

Seems eerily familiar with our recent contract negotiations, doesn’t it?

You can read the rest of the article about the City of Corvallis, Oregon here.

We support you employees of Corvallis. United we Stand!