Vice Presidents, Treasurers, and Bears… oh my!

Ladies and Gentlemen of Local 2432, we need to update our selection of officers slightly. We need to make our Treasurer a ‘full-time’ position. No, not a full-time job, just a position that does nothing but treasury stuff.

Currently we have a Secretary/Treasurer and their function includes a lot of work, a lot of which overlaps each other, a bit which works in opposition to each other.

The suggestion the Executive Board wishes to place before the members is to split the current position into one Secretary position and one Treasurer position. In order to keep the Executive Board an odd-number of people the First Vice President position will be removed at the end of the current office holders term.

The “New” Executive Board will be a President, Vice President/Chief Steward, Secretary, Treasurer, and the current five Board members. Nine members.

In order to make this change the members must first elect to change our Local Constitution. Then our changed Local Constitution is submitted to AFSCME National for approval. Once approved by National we’re done and can start the process of electing and appointing the new positions.

So, having said all that here is the proposed schedule for these changes:

General Member Meeting, Tuesday, May 20th, starting at 5:30 pm. will be the first formal reading of the proposed changes to the Constitution of Local 2432.