Contracts for your review. The links below are to PDF versions and they will take a moment to download or open. If you just want to see the short list of changes then click on the Fact sheet link for your particular contract.

Your steward should have a hard copy available for review on Friday and they will also be available at the Union Hall.

We are scheduling a vote on next Tuesday, February 4th, to ratify these contracts. More information on that will be posted shortly.

The Contracts:


General Contract Fact Sheet

General Contract

Strike-through Version

This version includes the markup of all changes. 



Professional Fact Sheet

Professional Contract

Strike-Through Version
This version includes the markup of all changes. 



Supervisory Fact Sheet

Supervisory Contract

Strike-Through Version
This version includes the markup of all changes. 



Edited – links are fixed and go to correct contracts.


Take a look at your paycheck. Is the City taking pension out of your OT? Contact your steward if they are. Contact your steward if your not sure.

Your OT doesn’t count towards your pension, it shouldn’t have pension taken out.


Management just stepped out to caucus. The faster they come back the more likely they are to accept this last contract item.

More soon.

10:45 am…
30 minutes. Let’s see what they have to say.

10:50 am

They are willing to accept two out of three from our offer

Now we are in caucus.


We’re back. Our presentation to them…. let’s see what they say.

Management doesn’t seem to be happy with where we are at the moment. They seem to be insisting they have given all they are willing to give.

Back in caucus.

12:50 pm

Ok members… its in your hands now.

Ratification votes and informational meetings to be scheduled very soon.

Contract Update – Back to the table

Yes, we are going back to the Negotiation table. The reason specifically is some language the City insists be included in the contract:

Sec. __. The Union agrees for itself and for all bargaining unit employees to waive, renounce, and forgo any and all remedies and payments whatsoever related to the modifications to the Collective Bargaining Agreement or the Pension Ordinance made by the City pursuant to financial urgency to which it or they are or may become eligible to receive, whether resulting from an award by a tribunal or through settlement of any matter related to such changes. The Union also agrees to withdraw with prejudice immediately all grievances related to such changes.

This will be in the articles regarding Pensions, in the General CBA that would be Article 18.

Two specific points for your consideration:

The Fiscal Urgency and all the related legal bits have all been settled and none of them in our favor. We don’t have any standing for more law suits of any kind regarding the FU.

This waiver language was not included in the negotiations at any point, nor was it implied it would be included because it was never mentioned. At all.

If you need more details, talk to your Steward and they can help. If they can’t, they at least know who to ask.

Informational Sessions

Human Resources is holding , right now, class five of six regarding the proposed changes to the pension. If you haven’t been your last chance is this afternoon at 2:00 pm.

We have to share one (major) point of correction and that is the Union has NOT set a date or time for a ratification vote. As soon as we set a date we will let everyone know.

Proposed Contract – Update

“Where’s the contract?”

Indeed…. where is the contract?

The back and forth of the process of ‘finalizing’ the contract is stalled on the City’s side for the moment. Now that the holidays have passed the process should be back on track, at least that is what we are being told.

There are still some things to schedule, and still some things to review, but the tentative plan is to have the contract ready for review later this week, the ratification vote by the members in about two weeks, and the ratification vote by the Commission and Pension Board by the end of the month.

We’ll update everyone as we get more information here and through the Stewards.