Meetings and Meetings

The Negotiation Team is working diligently to get the contract language clean, correct, and ready for review. You are welcome to stop by the Hall and watch. Fair warning, it is important, but not exciting.

And tonight, of course, is the monthly General Meeting. Short agenda so it should be a quick meeting.

Basic overview of the current benefits of the 2013 contract negotiations
Basic overview of the current benefits of the 2013 contract negotiations

Silver Tsunami?

Someone shared this link to an interesting article…

For a long time, there have been warnings of a “silver tsunami” among public employees—a sudden wave of baby boomer retirements that could potentially cripple the workforce.

It is a long read but well worth the time. Especially if you consider how many people our little City has who are now enrolled in the DROP.

Waiting…. still…. again….

Still waiting…..

We came to a verbal agreement, everyone shook hands and breathed a sigh of relief. After all of this, we find ourselves once again waiting on the City to give us the information we need to move forward.

We’re still waiting.

We’re waiting on the City to provide the final language of the contract.

We’re waiting.

La la la……..

We’ll share more as we get it. Whenever that might be.


Proposed Pension Adjustment – PO 2013-26

All of the retirees should have received in the mail the notice for the Pension Ordinance Change. This has been called the 415 Change and has to do with how cost of living adjustments are calculated.

The AFSCME Local 2432’s position on this matter is
Yes, we support the proposed change. 

If you need details about the change contact the coordinator, Lisa Castronovo, and she can answer any specific questions you may have. Lisa can be reached by phone at 954-921-3333 or via email.

The PDF of the mailed notice can be read here: Notice of Election for posting and emailing 11-19-13

Success! We have a contract!

Success! We have a contract!

Well, almost… we have to finish dotting all the i’s and crossing all the t’s. And then considering the time of the year we have to check it twice to make sure who’s naughty and nice.

The very highest of the highlights:

4% increase for General Funded Employees, 2.5% increase for Enterprise Funded Employees in this fiscal year.

Flexible Spending Account (Health Spending Account? Still unclear what it is ‘officially’ called) to help offset healthcare costs.

Pension contribution reduced to 8% in 2015. This is basically a 1% increase in pay.

There is more! Lots and lots more…..

The schedule is to complete the actual language of the contract this week, post notices and meetings for the members to review the contract the following week,  a ratification vote sometime the week after that….

Basically stay tuned to this site and your Union Bulletin Board for more details.