Contract Negotations

Lets see if the City actually has information, and people, for this meeting. Maybe, just maybe, we can get the deal made….

Contract Negotiations, all three CBA’s.

Monday, November 4th, 1:30 pm

City Hall, Room 215

This meeting will include all three bargaining units, General, Professional, and Supervisory.

We have our numbers, maybe this time the City will actually have theirs. And  we asked Mr Cassidy to send Mrs Swanson-Rivenbark a work release so she can join us too.

And wear your green!

Not yet…. Still waiting….

No, we don’t know what anybody’s ‘getting’ because we are still at the negotiation table.

No, we haven’t finished negotiating because we are waiting on the City to get back to us on the latest contract offer.

Why is it taking so long?

Ask the City Manager, she is the one that is directing the City’s Negotiation Team.

The City Manager is also the one who hasn’t attended a single meeting yet so maybe you shouldn’t ask her… she might not actually know what’s going on.


Employee Morale?

Do you remember way back in May of this year when the City spent a substantial sum of money to survey a bunch of different people on what the City could do better?

Yeah, not many other people do either.

When the results came out there wasn’t anything that anyone didn’t already know…. Management thinks they are great, the employees think Management is the problem, Businesses think Code Enforcement is too harsh, Residents think Code needs to go after more businesses.

One of the items to come out of the presentation was this little bullet point:

May Survey - pg 21_Page_21Develop a focused plan to improve employee morale

What did the City do?

Created a Committee.

The City put together a group of employees to go around and  “…Establish a menu of appropriate, meaningful means to recognize and reward employees for exceptional contributions to the City.”

The City used to have something just like that…. they were called Merit Increases. It used to be that if you did a good job then you would get a raise. The better your performance the bigger your raise.

Ahh…. the good ‘ol days. Back when we were valued as employees and excellence was rewarded.


eq·ui·ta·ble (ˈekwitəbəl), adjective

1. fair and impartial.

synonyms: fair, just, impartial, even-handed, unbiased, unprejudiced

The City keeps saying they want equity in all the different CBA’s but when they make their offer it always seems as if they are trying to bring everyone down to the lowest possible level, that everyone has to lose something.

Well, the City gains everything we lose so I guess on a cosmic level it is equitable.

Why the definitions?

Someone asked why we were posting the definitions of words.

Well….. Because the City is using some words but not really understanding the meaning of those words.  We thought we would help out by sharing the actual definitions of some of the words the City seems most confused about.

Some of the misused words are CompromiseDealBargainCooperationand Merit.

During the Negotiation process these were the words the City was using often but were using, at least in our opinion, completely wrong. For example… Being told  what you are going to get is not a Compromise, that is called an Ultimatum.

They say Knowledge is Power. And now you know.

How do we stack up?

At tonight’s meeting we had on display a little comparison of AFSCME’s current contract offer compared to PBA and IAFF. Here is what it looked like, more or less….


2 Year CBA Gen Prof Sup PBA IAFF
Wages yr 1/yr 2 4%/3% 4%/3% 4%/3% 11.5 ~ 24.5% 12 ~ 14%
Merits 0/2.5% 0/2.5% 0/2.5% Yes/2% Slotted and 1.5%
Longevity Yes-Slotted Yes-Slotted Yes-Slotted No Yes-Slotted
Pension 2.5% ~ 8% No DROP No Dependant Health  2.5%~8% No DROP  2.5%~8% No DROP 3% and DROP 3.3% an DROP  and Dependent Health
Health $40 Copay and $55 Biweekly $40 Copay and $55 Biweekly  $40 Copay and $55 Biweekly  $40 Copay and $55 Biweekly  $40 Copay and $55 Biweekly
FSA Card E/E+1/E+2 $200/$300/$500  $200/$300/$500  $200/$300/$500  $200/$300/$500  $200/$300/$500
Part Time Health Holidays Vacation Sick 457 

This is not everything on the negotiation table, just the stuff that is most important.

Watch this space, more as it is available.


10:30 pm Edited to make the table a bit easier to read


mer·it (ˈmerit), noun

1. the quality of being particularly good or worthy, esp. so as to deserve praise or reward.

synonyms: excellence, quality, caliber, worth

The City used to have a system of Merit  in the pay scales. The better you do at your job the more you get paid. It would seem that mediocrity is the new standard our leaders are aiming for because they no longer want a merit based pay scale.


Join us at tonight’s regular monthly meeting and share your opinion…. is a Merit System important to you? Or is a simple raise every two years regardless of performance a better idea?

2013 Election Positions

It’s that time again…. the 2013 Officer’s Positions for Nominations. The following positions will open for nominations at the Special Meeting on Tuesday  November 12, beginning at 5:30 pm:


First Vice-President – 2 Year Term. 

Any General, Supervisory, or Professional Member is eligible for this position.

Executive Board – General – 2 Year Term. 

Any Member represented by the General C.B.A. is eligible for this position.

Executive Board – Professional – 2 Year Term.

Any Member represented by the Professional C.B.A. is eligible for this position.

Executive Board – Supervisory – 2 Year Term.

Any Member represented by the Supervisory C.B.A. is eligible for this position.

Trustee – 3 Year Term.

Any General, Supervisory, or Professional Member is eligible for this position.


 You must be an active member for at least one year for eligibility in any of these positions.

2013 Election Notice

Yes, it’s that time again. Well, almost…. Officer Elections!

Prepping the Election Notice
Prepping the Election Notice

There will be a Special Meeting on Tuesday, November 12th beginning at 5:30 p.m. for Officer Nominations.

Those nominated will have the opportunity to accept or deny their nominations, and anyone who winds up running unopposed will be automatically declared the winner for their position.

The elections will be held on December 3, 2013. You can vote from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and the ballot count will be begin promptly at 6:15 p.m.

You will need to bring your employee badge, or some other form of photo identification to cast a ballot.

If there is a tie for any position, a Run-Off Election for the tied position(s) will be held on Tuesday, Dec 10, 2013, from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. and the ballot count will begin promptly at 6:15 p.m.

Stay Tuned for a list of positions that will be open for voting.