Virtual Union Hall

Communication is important!

Members being able to communicate with each other is even more so.

In support of the idea that Communication is important we now have a Virtual Union Hall.

This does not replace the real and physical Union Hall, meeting face to face is still the absolute best method of communications. Meeting face to face, however, is not always an option for when you need to ask someone something or share some bit of information. And we can’t forget that the City is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operation. Sometimes you just can’t get together because you are on opposite sides of the clock, or week, or City.

Click the link above, add it to your book marks or favorites, and join us in the Virtual World until we can get together in the real world.

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Please register with your real name, or at least something like your real name. The moderators are not going to know you are a member if you register as sillyman423.

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What would you do?

It’s Thursday and you need to take a break for a minute or two…. allow us to give you a bit of distraction:

What would you do if you won the lottery?

No, not what or how many would you buy…. how would you want to get paid? Take the lump sum? Or take the annuity for 30 years? These people asked just that question…

If you don’t want to follow the link I’ll share the answer…. it depends. If you can invest your money and get a good return then you want the lump sum. Your mileage, of course, may vary.

Now that you have a bit of rationality applied to this idea you should feel free to daydream for a bit about that tropical island you’re going to buy when you hit the Powerball.


It is generally not polite to speak about how much money you have, or don’t have, with company.

So we won’t.

What we will do is share a link and let you decide if this would be helpful to you:

If you are ‘underwater’ on your mortgage, meaning you owe at least 125% more than what your home is worth, you may qualify for a program that can  give you up to $50,000 to help reduce the principal balance.

This is a legitimate program, our very own Housing Division is promoting this program (they will be, we got ahead of them by a bit). This is also a limited time program so if you need some help, click the link above sooner instead of later. You don’t need to tell anyone you clicked the link. Unless you want to.


Negotiation Meeting Followup

Thank you to everyone who took the time to join us in the audience. It makes a difference when Management sees a bunch of members taking part in the process.

And then, the meeting….

The meeting got off to a late start and most of the meeting was us presenting our current contract offerings to them. The highlights of our current proposal are:

Wages – Oct 1 we get a  6% to Enterprise Funded Employees, 9% to General Funded Employees. Next year 4% and 6%. Over the two years that would bring everyone back up in the pay scales to where they would have been if the City didn’t take anything back during F.U.

Pension – Everyone hired before July 2009 will go to a 2.75% multiplier (27 years for full benefits) with an 8% contribution. Everyone hired after July 2009 goes back to the 2.5% multiplier with the 9% contribution.

Health – Switching everyone to a $30 co-pay plus accepting the City’s offer of the Flexible Spending Account in the amount of $200 for you, $300 for you plus 1, $500 for you plus 2.

Those are the most important items of our proposal, the ones that everyone wants to know right now. There were many more items in our offer that will be under discussion and we will share them with you soon.

Negotiations today

All of your Negotiation Teams are working like mad to put together something that gets us back to getting paid what we are worth. We are trying to reconcile the difference between the 3.3 Million dollars in lost wages and the City’s paltry offer to return 1.7 Million.

Want to see first hand how we did? Join us at 1:00 pm in Room 215 at City Hall.


North Central HOA Meeting

Do you live in North Central Hollywood? Then you should plan to attend tonight’s HOA Meeting!

There are several projects that will be greatly impacting our neighborhood that we need to discuss.  
Sunset Golf course (Johnson St. just east of I-95) from what we have been told has been sold and is slated to become low-income rental apartments.
Sheridan Station (the old Okomo Trailer park Taft and just west of I-95) was approved several years ago as thousands of condo/rental units & retail space.
It was not built because of the downturn in the economy.  The project is being revived with changes.  Again there are to be low-income rental units.
There are several more schools slated to be approved in and around our neighborhood. (2025 McKinley St- 2200 students, 2907 Taylor St. all girls 200 students, 2600 Hollywood Blvd. Ben-Gamila School an additional 1050 students, 2402 Hollywood Blvd.  Montessori school 300 students, 1400 N 46 Ave. Temple Sinai 850 students, Hillcrest Charter School 850 Students, and 502 N 28th Ave an additional 300 students.
Additionally we are still working on Neighborhood Crime, Code issues, Neighborhood improvements, infrastructure work affecting our area and additional information on the Canal.
We have a meeting early next month with the City Manager, New Police Chief and one of our Commissioners. We are to bring all neighborhood concerns to their attention for what we hope to be solutions. If you cannot attend our meeting Tuesdayplease e-mail me @ ( )   or call Cliff Germano @ 954-639-6030 with your concerns (send me the problem, location, pictures, etc.) so that they can be addressed by City Staff.


E911 Update

This came through today….

> Subject: Employee Pensions Information from FRS

> Union Representatives,
> We have received notification from the Florida Division of Retirement that they will be issuing election ballots to impacted employees of Municipalities providing non-FRS pension benefits.  Specifically, employees impacted by the Consolidated Regional E-911 Communications System will be provided a one-time irrevocable option to remain in their Municipality’s pension plan or to elect participation in the Florida Retirement System.  These ballots are time sensitive and must be returned by the deadline provided. No ballots will be provided or are needed for employees of Municipalities providing pension benefits solely with the FRS system or of Municipalities offering no pension program.  If employees have any questions, please have them contact the pension plan administrator in your Municipality.


We have put the questions to our pension coordinator already so don’t call her just yet.

More as information becomes available.

Call to Action – Second Budget Hearing

Thank you again to everyone who made it out last time, it was a sea of green and it  made them pay attention!

And it’s time to do it one more time….. The Second Budget Hearing is  Monday, September 23, at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall.

Please be there so we can keep the message going that we are here and are still waiting for some real effort from the leaders of this fine City regarding pay restoration for the AFSCME employees.

This goes for you too, Non-Reps. Your pay and benefits are based loosely on our Contracts so the more you help us the more you help yourself!

Show your solidarity! Wear your green! 


Something is better than nothing…..

The little whispers are in the wind with their little voices of ‘something is better than nothing….’

Those little whispering voices are wrong.

Something is better than nothing only when you had nothing to begin with. Follow me here for a thought experiment:

If I walk up to you and hand you a $20 bill, that is a something that was better than the nothing. You got something you didn’t have before, a bonus.

If, however, last week I borrowed $40 from you and this week I walk up to you and hand you a $20 bill, is that something better than nothing? Or would you instead say ‘hey! where’s the other 20 you still owe me?’

In the second example you will certainly take the $20 because hey, its  twenty bucks and I got shopping to do. But what if that was all you were going to get? What if after taking the twenty you then had to renegotiate for the other twenty owed? With no guarantee of getting the other twenty back would you find those terms acceptable?

That is where the Union stands with the current negotiations for our contract. The City said we’re broke and we are going to take money away from you, the employee, and we need 7.5% of your pay to cover our mistakes. Three years later the City says OK, thank you for your help, here is 4% back. Don’t spend it all in one place kid.