And that concludes Round 1

And that concludes Round 1 for our Contract Negotiations…..

This first round of meetings this week were simply the opening round of negotiations; we put forward our proposal to the City for the General, Professional, and Supervisory Contacts.

Watch this space over the next several days as we will be sharing much more information about our proposal, what the City counter-offers, meeting dates, and much much more.

Game on!

Most of you are aware that Local 2432 represents Three different Bargaining Units; General, Professional, and Supervisory. And if for whatever reason you didn’t know that, now you do.


It’s Contract Time and all three Units are at the bargaining table beginning this week. Technically Supervisory was there already as they have negotiated since last October, but this is the week it is all supposed to go from being tick marks in a calendar or email and switch to actual real negotiations.

Like the title says… Game on!

We’ll share more details as they become available

Membership Committee

In our ongoing attempts to make our Local better for our members we are putting a Membership Committee together. The basic duties of the Committee are simple, reaching out to Members both new and old.

If any of you would like to join the Committee they are meeting tonight at the Union Hall.

Contract Negotiations

I am sure you’ve listened to the news about the PBA and IAFF contract negotiations, and if for whatever reason you haven’t they can best be summed up as “in progress.”

Many of you have asked where we stand in this process and the answer is, for the moment, “in progress.”

As of today here is what’s what regarding our contracts:

Meetings  to finalize the Supervisory Contract are scheduled. More news here and from your Stewards as it is available.

The City has *not* scheduled meetings to begin negotiations with General or Professional units. Anything you hear from management or the media about how well things are going is just a put-off. Nothing is going yet, well or otherwise.

We will keep you up to date as more information becomes available.


New Facebook Page

In the past our Local hasn’t been so good with the communications to it member’s…. we admit it and we are working on improving it. One of the many ways we are improving our communications is this website. Another is our updated Facebook Page. Check it out

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Miramar awards bonuses to city employees

Interesting article in the Sun-Sentinel… Miramar has enough reserves to offer its employees a bonus. And this is before they even begin the negotiations on their contracts.

Miramar awards bonuses to city employees – Sun Sentinel.

Yes, Miramar is smaller than Hollywood (slightly). Yes, Miramar has fewer employees than Hollywood. Yes, Miramar apparently has better managers when it comes to finances.

Whatever the reasons, good for the employees. And good for the City Leaders of Miramar to pay attention to their residents AND their employees.