Survey – Voice of the Employee

The survey everyone has heard about has finally hit the streets, the link is below if you missed it in your email.

It is a very quick survey, and the company performing the survey insists your responses are private even though the very first question (not optional) is what is your name….

Anyway, we are asking you to complete the survey with the only¬†response¬†of “reverse the pay cuts” or however you want to phrase it to make it your own. And we ask that you pass along the same request to everyone you talk to.


How’s the City doing?

The City has engaged The Doug Williams Group, a regional firm specializing in performance improvement, to conduct short, confidential surveys to gather this information. A representative of this company will contact a random group of residents and business owners to provide input. Though the identity of survey participants will not be disclosed, the information gathered will be shared and used in identifying budget priorities and developing improvement action plans to incorporate into the City of Hollywood FY2014 budget.

Hollywood, FL – Official Website.

Employee Morale is the lowest it has ever been. Residents are seeing taxes go up while service goes down…. and now the City is going to spend how much money to ask around and see what can be done to improve things?

We have a suggestion…. quite hiring consulting firms to figure out what to do and instead actually do something.