And we say NO again

Thank you everyone for your vote. This is the last one for a while, we promise.

The vote today was NO, we do not accept the changed imposed on the contract resulting from the Wage Reopener. Or as we have been calling it, the S.U for the enterprise employees.

And again we are in a position to show Management that we as a Union stand united and the attempt to divide us failed.

Survey Says?

First, Congratulations to our new Trustee Mr. Gerald Jones! And congratulations to all the Officers, new and old, of Local 2432. We’ll have more about the Officers, when they officially take their positions in a couple of day.s

Then on to today’s Ratification Vote about the Contract Imposition because of the Financial Urgency in Fiscal Year 12 (The FU in FY12). The vote was NO, we do not accept the contract changes.

What does this mean? It means that we do not accept the changes the Commission imposed on our contracts. It means there is a chance that in the future we will get our pay and benefits restored to the levels they were at in September 2011 when all this took effect. It means there is a chance that in the future we might get everything taken away given back. It means that as Local 2432 we still have some fight in us and Management’s attempts at breaking our spirit and busting our Union have failed.

Congratulations! And then next week….

Congratulations to Bernadette and Barbara who won in yesterday’s Officers Elections! We’ll have more details about all the new Officers next week because…. We have a Run-Off election next week for the Trustee position between Gerald and Steve. Tuesday, December 11th, from 7 am to 7 pm at the Union Hall.

And that’s not all for next week:

Tuesday is also a Ratification Vote on the Contract Imposition because of the Fiscal Urgency for Fiscal Year 2012, or as we like to call it the vote for the FU of FY12.  Obviously we are recommending you vote No, unless of course you are happy with what the City did to our employment contract.

Thursday is a Ratification Vote on the Contract Imposition from the Wage Reopener. Again, unless you are happy with the reduction in pay and benefits we are recommending you vote No.

You can ask your Stewards or any of the Officers for more information about the Ratification Votes and copies of the updated contracts will be available at the Union Hall.

Busy busy next week!



Update:   Sorry, wrong date for the Runoff election. Next Tuesday, December 11th from 7 am to 7 pm.