Dec 11th & 13th Ratification Votes

On Tuesday, December 11th, we have a Ratification Vote scheduled on the changes the Commissioners imposed on our contracts because of Fiscal Urgency in Fiscal Year 2012.


On Thursday, December 13th, we have a Ratification Vote scheduled on the changes imposed on our contracts from the Wage Re-opener finalized and approved by the Commission in September.


Both days the voting is from 7:00 a.m until 7:00 p.m. and immediately after the voting hours the ballots will be counted and the results announced.


If you need any more information about either of these Ratification Votes ask your Shop Steward or any of the Officers of the Executive Board. The changes to the contracts will available for review at the Union Hall on their respective days.


Dec 11 FU Ratification Vote


Dec 13 Ratification Vote Flyer

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And speaking of elections, don’t forget Officer Elections are on December 4th!

Local 2432 Officer Elections

It is election time again for Local 2432 and this time we have a total of Eight positions on the ballot. That may seem like a lot of positions, and it is, and the reason is a few changes required to match up with our Local Constitution.

So…. who’s on the Ballot for December 4th?

President, Two-Year Term:

Chris Cassidy – Unopposed.

Second-Vice President and Chief Steward, Two-Year Term:

Troy Porter – Unopposed

Secretary-Treasurer, Two-Year Term:

Rafael Quintero – Unopposed

Executive Board – General C.B.A., Two-Year Term:

Alan Corriveau

Bernadette Roelofs

Executive Board – Professional C.B.A., One-Year Term:

Barbara Armand

James Rusnak

Executive Board – At Large, Two-Year Term:

Victor Swackhammer – Unopposed

Trustee, Three-Year Term:

Barry Erickson – Unopposed

Trustee, Two-Year Term:

Steve Letteri

Daniel Culberson

Gerald Jones


For those positions running Unopposed…. Congratulations!


Voting will be Tuesday, December 4th, from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm at the Union Hall. Vote! Its your Union, make your voice heard.


** If I spelled any of your names wrong, please email me and I’ll get it fixed right away – CK