Ratification Vote – Holiday Pay Part 2

Many of you have asked about the Memo of Understanding on the Holiday Pay, what is it, when is it, do we support it, what did we give up….. The very shortest answer is “we support it.”

Barbara Duffy has given us the official explanation (below) for the three M.O.U.’s and we have attached them for your review. All of these letters will be available for your review on Tuesday, Oct 30, at the Union Hall. ALL Employees who are covered by any of these three contracts are eligible to vote even if they are not an active member of the Union.


General Bargaining Unit Members:

From:  Barbara R. Duffy, General Counsel

Re:      Explanation of Holiday Pay MOU – General Employees Unit


The attached MOU pertaining to Article 32 of the General Employees Unit will, if ratified by the Bargaining Unit, reinstate the 6 days of Holiday pay which the City eliminated via its declared Financial Urgency. However, by ratifying the attached MOU the Bargaining Unit will be agreeing to waive any and all claims it may have against the City as it relates to the actions the City took in its modification of Article 32.

In addition, the Bargaining Unit will be agreeing to withdraw, with prejudice, all grievances related to the City’s modification of Article 32 via its declared Financial Urgency.

Ratification Vote – Holiday Pay

Local 2432 and the City of Hollywood have come to terms about the six holidays  taken away last year as a result of the Financial Urgency. A Memo of Understanding  for the three Bargaining Units (General, Supervisory, and Professional) will need a Ratification Vote from the Employees to formally accept the agreement.

A  Ratification Vote is scheduled for Tuesday, October 30th, from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm at the new Union Hall.

ALL Employees covered by the three A.F.S.C.M.E. Local 2432 contracts are eligible and encouraged to vote.

Copies of the Memo of Understanding specific to your Bargaining Unit will be available at the Union Hall the day of the vote and Union Officers will be available to answer any questions you may have.

2012 -2013 Holiday Pay Ratification Notice
Ratification Notice

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Download the PDF flyer to print and share: HolidayPayRatification.pdf

Early Voting Starts Saturday!

If you haven’t heard the news or seen this year’s voting ballot… it’s huge! Four long pages for most Hollywood residents. Because of the number of questions on the ballot the lines on Election Day (Two weeks!) will reportedly be very long and very slow. There is another option, however, and that is to cast your vote early. Starting this Saturday you can cast your vote at one of the Early Voting locations which include the Broward County Branch Library on City Hall Circle.

Remember…. the most important thing you can do is Vote!

Click for a list of Early Voting Locations: Broward County, FL Supervisor of Elections.

All Hands on Deck

Hello Brothers and Sisters of AFSCME 2432,

 This is the time we get to reward the current Hollywood Commission and show them how much we “appreciate” All the layoffs, pay cuts, benefit reductions, pension referendum, outsourcing and “financial urgency” !


If there ever was an appropriate time to show your feelings, then now is the time to volunteer to change the group of politicians who have “reluctantly” inflicted these hardships on ourselves.  Everyone has been adversely affected within the Local 2432 bargaining units, and everyone should take a stand.

 Whether you live or vote in the city of Hollywood should make no difference in your decision to get involved and volunteer.

 Please ask everyone you work with to get involved.  This email only goes out to a part of the membership of whom we have home email addresses for. Please ask your co-workers, both members and “potential members” to get involved in this election volunteer drive.

 Please print, fill out and FAX the volunteer form below to 954-922-4252 or just send us an email letting us know of your interest and contact info.

 Together United we can change our future for the better!

 In Solidarity,


Local 2432

“We Make Hollywood Happen.”



2012 Election Notice Door Hanger
Local 2432 Supports These Candidates


Click the image to get a full size version you can print. Or ask your Steward and they can get one (or more) for you.

No Strings Attached….

No Strings Attached
No Strings Attached

There is a phrase you occasionally hear during negotiations…. No Strings Attached.

But what does that mean?

The origin of the phrase is a little unclear. Some say it comes from the silk merchants in the 18th Century who would mark a flaw in the fabric with a small string. When a seamstress needed a run of silk with no flaws they would order the silk ‘with no strings attached’ meaning they wanted no flaws in their order.

Others take a more pragmatic approach to the phrase pointing out that a string is the same as a cord, or rope, and would be used to lead or control animals. To have ‘no strings attached’ would mean to be free of control.

Flawless, or free from control, the concept behind the phrase is very simple…. If something is offered with ‘no strings attached’ then it is being given as a gift. There is no expectation of something in return for the gift.

This post is offered to you with no strings attached. It is a gift of something interesting to think about.

Hollywood elections – Sun-Sentinel

The Sun-Sentinel has a nice article today focusing on the Mayoral candidates as well as Districts 2 and 5.

As it rebounds from last years $38 million budget shortfall and with every seat up for grabs, this city has 18 candidates clambering to serve as mayor and commissioners of districts 1 through 6.

via Hollywood elections: A city activist challenges the mayor, seven candidates vie for two open commission seats. – South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com.

Follow the link and read more. And, if you missed it, you can see who Local 2432 is endorsing this year here.

This year more so than any other it is important that we as Citizens, Residents, and Employees make our voices heard. Vote on November 6!