Dont blame union for bankrupt cities –

Do you remember when the Librarians and School Teachers caused the crisis way back in the 70’s?


The myth of massive bankruptcies has a cousin, the big lie that public employees — and their salaries and benefits — are the culprit. That, too, is simply untrue.

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The ‘myth’ in the article is that currently five municipalities have declared bankruptcy. Only Five. Out of 50,000 Municipalities in the US. That is math out to four decimal places….. 0.0001%.

Some ‘Tidal Wave’ isn’t it?

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Out of the office: City Hall receptionists

Reading an interesting article from the Minnesota Star Tribune about smaller municipalities switching away from people and to automated phone systems….

…Smaller cities are increasingly finding the receptionist a luxury they can no longer afford.

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The quote was the most chilling… Employees are now considered a ‘luxury?’  And an expensive luxury to boot?

Yes, the receptionist might be the lowest pay grade out there, but it is still a person performing a job and not some luxury item that only the idle rich can afford.

Miami misled investors over city’s financial health

The story is focused on the City’s financial issues specific to Bonds….

A 2½-year investigation by federal authorities has concluded that the city of Miami misled investors about the city’s financial health as it sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of bonds dating back to 2007.

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But it does make you wonder about the need to declare Fiscal Urgency…. if things were moved around to make the Bond deals ‘better’ why couldn’t things be moved around to make the F.U. equally necessary?

What Can AFSCME and Local 2432 do for me?

Give You Power – power that will help you make decisions about promotion policies, job security, fair hearing of grievances, better wages, pensions and much more.

You help decide your own future by joining with other public employees and by getting AFSCME’s expert help and service.

Why do I need a Union?

Why do I need a Union? Why do I need Local 2432? 

 Simply talking about issues that affect public employees just isn’t enough – you have to be heard. All by yourself, it’s hard to be heard. You and your co-workers face similar problems and have similar needs. When you organize, you’ll gain strength to make the changes you need by working together. Through AFSCME, employees have a voice – one that is heard – on the job and in the legislatures and city halls.

A word about Red Light Cameras

An excerpt from the Margate News .net regarding Red-Light Cameras:

Red Light Camera revenues not what the city thought they would be

Originally, the state wasn’t supposed to get a piece of a city’s red light camera revenues. But in July 2010 that changed when Florida lawmakers enacted legislation requiring Florida cities to fork over more than 50 percent of red-light camera fines to state coffers, leaving Margate and other cities with far fewer revenues than anticipated. For every $158 red-light camera citation Margate collects, the state gets $83.00.

But that’s not all. Of the $385,000 in red light camera fines Margate collected in October 2011 – April 2012 (the first six-months of the program in Margate), the city paid the red light camera vendor (America Traffic Solutions) $240,000 in contract services; hired two community service aides at a combined salary of $67,400 to administer the program; paid out a combined $19,000 in operating and office supplies and $6,500 in court expenses.*

Margate’s share: about $52,000.

via – [Margate News Briefs: Snipe Signs, CPR, Red Light Cameras and the Angel of the Aging].

So another Municipality acknowledges that the Red Light Camera’s were really a revenue stream and had little to do with ‘public safety.’

Now, how do we go about removing these things?

Your Monthly Meeting

Local 2432 holds a monthly meeting for all members in good standing. The monthly meeting is the platform for all brothers and sisters to bring forth items of concern, news of other members, and suggestions on how to make Local 2432 a better Union.

Business meetings are held the third Tuesday of every month (excluding December) at 5:30 PM at the Union Hall, 2415 Hollywood Boulevard.

It is YOUR Union! YOUR voice is very important!


AFSCME | Cities in Default, a Mouthpiece in Denial

From the AFSCME National Blog….

AFSCME | Cities in Default, a Mouthpiece in Denial.

While the target of the article is the Wall Street Journal and their rather obvious bias against Municipal Workers and Public Benefits in general, the article can be read with a more local tone.

Click the link above, but when you read the article replace the instances of WSJ with City Leaders…. the article still makes perfect sense.