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News from AFSCME Local 2432

Important Message from President Christopher Cassidy

To all my Brothers and Sisters,

This letter is bitter sweet. As of December 6th, 2021, I will be officially retired from the City of Hollywood.

It was a pleasure serving the needs of our membership as President of this union for the last ten years. Upon separation, I will no longer be involved with the union as President per the constitution.

As per the AFSCME Local 2432 constitution, succession will be as follows:

1. the elected Vice President fills the remaining term of the President;
2. the elected Secretary fills the Vice President’s remaining term;
3. the Board nominates and elects a new officer who fills the remaining term of any other vacancies.

I encourage all those who wish to make a difference to step forward during the upcoming nomination and election period.

I have been a union member my entire career with the City of Hollywood, spanning over 28 years. I have been actively involved as a steward/officer for over twenty years.

As I reflect back on my tenure as President, I recall a union that was very different than today. The union was weakened by internal financial issues, there was bifurcation amongst the membership, and the President, other union officials along with the union’s former attorney abandoned the organization following the City’s financial urgency declaration that stripped benefits from city employees.

Public Service Freedom to Negotiate Act



For 20 months, we have answered the call on the front lines of this pandemic. We stood together to demand PPE, to protect our jobs and to fight for funding for public services. We know the power of joining together in a union and having a seat at the table.

Yet in about half of the states, public service heroes don’t have a voice on the job or basic workplace protections we deserve. That’s why Congress has reintroduced the Public Service Freedom to Negotiate Act, which would set a minimum nationwide standard of collective bargaining rights for public service workers that states must provide.

Watch this video about the introduction of the Public Service Freedom to Negotiate Act.

For our work strengthening our communities, we deserve a voice on the job. Video still of healthcare worker with play button.

Momentum is with us — a wave of working people across the country are mobilizing and even striking for better working conditions and respect on the job. There’s no better time to join together and demand what we deserve — the freedom to sit down with the boss and negotiate a fair contract.

Congress is going to need a strong push from all of us to pass this legislation. I hope you’ll join me in building support for the Public Service Freedom to Negotiate Act.

Nomination Results!

The following members were nominated and elected or re-elected (ran unopposed) at the November 10, 2020 Special Meeting for Nominations:

President – 2 year term – Chris Cassidy

Treasurer – 2 year term – Barbara Armand

Executive Board Supervisory– 2 year term – John Brummer

Executive Board General – 2 year term – Robert Kine

Executive Board At Large – 2 year term – Marjorie Readon

Trustee – 3 year term – Ameer Khan

Congratulations to all of the re-elected/new officers and thank you for your service.

AFSCME Local 2432 Endorsements for Commissioner

On behalf of the Hollywood Municipal Employees, AFSCME Local 2432, we are happy to announce that we endorse the following candidates in the upcoming November 3rd 2020 Hollywood Municipal Election.


District 2- Peter Hernandez –

District 6 – Linda Sherwood –

Please contact Siana Lakhan at 954-381-1519 for signs and if you’d like to volunteer. Note: If you call please leave a detailed message and I will get back to you.


You can also email me at with your information.


We will also need volunteers to help at the polls during early voting and on election day. If possible, are asking for four (4) hours of your time to get involved during this very important election season.


In Solidarity,


Siana Lakhan – Secretary
AFSCME Local 2432

AFSCME April General Meeting is Cancelled

General Meeting for April 2020

The regular monthly AFSCME General Meeting for Tuesday, April 21, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. is cancelled due to the COVID-19 Virus.

Letter to the City Manager Regarding the COVID-19 Virus

On March 31, 2020, AFSCME President Chris Cassidy sent a letter to the City of Hollywood’s City Manager Dr. Wazir Ismael to express employee concerns regarding workplace safety due to the potential exposure to the COVID-19 virus while performing their duties. AFSCME is waiting for the City Manager to respond. Click on the letter or the link below to read the letter. Your health and safety is paramount, so we will keep you posted on a response.

Stay tuned for information on the next scheduled General Meeting.

Call to Action! – Budget Hearing, Wednesday, 9/12 @ 5:30 PM

We need our Brothers and Sisters of AFSCME Local 2432 to come out in force wearing your AFSCME green this Wednesday, September 12 @ 5:30 PM for the Budget Hearing – City Hall Commission Chambers.

Back in July, the City Commission in their role as the CRA Board, voted for the Beach CRA to give back the maximum amount that still allowed the Beach CRA to continue with projects.The CRA is now working behind the scenes to lower the amount of money that the Beach CRA will give back to help the City’s General Fund.

It is imperative that that the CRA Board/City Commission sticks to its word to make the Beach CRA give back the maximum amount to help the City’s budget. Many of the City’s needs INCLUDING OUR CURRENT CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS will be negatively impacted if the CRA Board/City Commissions back-tracks.


What is the Beach CRA?

A CRA is a Community Redevelopment Agency which cities create to fight “slum and blight”. The City of Hollywood created its Beach CRA more than twenty (20) years ago to fight “slum and blight” on the beach. For those fortunate enough to own property on the beach, the Beach CRA District has flourished. Beach property values have exploded.

The CRA is run by a Board, the Hollywood City Commission. They are one and the same group.

As we know, every year, the City Commission grapples with City budget shortfalls. Jobs get threatened. Employees’ wages, healthcare and pension benefits get put on the chopping block. Despite the dramatic growth in beach properties, and the related growth in tax funding going to the Beach CRA. For everyone else, those tax dollars flowing from the beach — which is the economic engine of the city and that belongs to all residents — cannot be used to improve any of our neighborhoods outside of the beach. As things stand now, the Beach CRA does not expire until 2027.

To make things clear, when it comes to the Beach CRA, the City Commission can and does spend up to 1 million dollars on each street on the beach. Despite the Beach CRA being able to spend all of that tax money on beach properties, the City Commission’s hands are tied. They can’t use any of those funds outside of the Beach. Consequently, the recent capital budget for streets, beautification, etc. for the rest of the City outside of the CRA, has been around 1 million dollars. Just like City residents, we, the City’s employees have borne the brunt of the pain. A few of our elected Commissioners see the folly of this current setup and are ready for change. We need to help make more Commissioners see the light.

Reminder – CALL TO ACTION for Today @ 5PM – Outsourcing of AFSCME Jobs!

City management has confirmed that the potential outsourcing of City departments is now under consideration!  Come to the Commission Meeting @ 5PM today (Tuesday), July 3rd at City Hall in the Commission Chambers, Room 219.

Your participation is critical in showing the Commission that AFSCME employees have a vested interest in the advancement of the City. The grass is not greener using contractors as they have learned with the (Waste Pro) Sanitation outsourcing debacle.

Wear your AFSCME Local 2432 T-Shirt. Don’t have one, wear a green shirt. Parking is available at the Union hall if you are unable to park at City Hall – 2734 Hollywood Boulevard (rear lot off Van Buren). Show the Commission that we help make Hollywood happen!

In Solidarity.

Christopher Cassidy, President
AFSCME Local 2432

Hollywood Outsourcing Your Job?

This afternoon, one City Commissioner put all of us on notice.

She told everyone, that she FOUND OUT that the City could OUTSOURCE ALL of the jobs in at least 2 departments. But, she made it known that she would never outsource the police or fire departments.

Beach Rescue?

Building Department?

Information Technology?

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts?

Public Utilities?

Public Works?

Other departments? She wouldn’t say.

And it only gets worse! Watch her tell everyone that your health and pension benefits should be slashed!

Don’t believe it?   See the following clip from this afternoon’s workshop meeting:

Come to the Budget Hearing next Tuesday, July 3rd at City Hall, in the Commission Chambers, Room 219. The Budget can affect your job, your family’s healthcare, and your pension benefits.

As soon as we can determine what time this will be brought up at the meeting, we will send you an update.

Wear your AFSCME Local 2432 T-Shirt. Don’t have one, wear a green shirt.

In Solidarity.

Christopher Cassidy, President
AFSCME Local 2432