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Contract Ratification Vote, Tuesday, November 16th, 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Tuesday, November 16, 2021
A ratification vote for new General, Professional, and Supervisory contracts will be held on next Tuesday, November 16, 2021 from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM at the Union Hall – 2734 Hollywood Boulevard (parking in the rear). This is a secret ballot vote and the ballots will be counted immediately after the closing of the vote. Below is the bargained contract information; please review prior to casting your vote:

Full contract drafts, clean:

·        General Contract
·        Professional Contract
·        Supervisory Contract

Full contract drafts, with mark-up:

Summary of items being proposed for ratification:
2% COLA on the base salary
1% one time Lump Sum on the base salary to be issued via a separate payroll check.
HRA Card amount Increases beginning 1 Jan 2022 as follows.
Employee only = $300 to $400
Employee + 1 = $400 to $600
Employee + 2 or more = $700 to $1000
Increased mental wellness counseling sessions (EAP) from 6 sessions to 10 sessions at no additional cost.

Changes to health care premiums as follows:
·       Employee only = no change
·       Employee + 1 = increase of $2.82 per pay period
·       Employee + 2 or more = $6.20 per pay period
·       Employee only = increase of $6.29 per pay period
·       Employee + 1 = $12.59 per pay period
·       Employee + 2 or more = $20.14 per pay period.


Important Message from President Christopher Cassidy

To all my Brothers and Sisters,

This letter is bitter sweet. As of December 6th, 2021, I will be officially retired from the City of Hollywood.

It was a pleasure serving the needs of our membership as President of this union for the last ten years. Upon separation, I will no longer be involved with the union as President per the constitution.

As per the AFSCME Local 2432 constitution, succession will be as follows:

1. the elected Vice President fills the remaining term of the President;
2. the elected Secretary fills the Vice President’s remaining term;
3. the Board nominates and elects a new officer who fills the remaining term of any other vacancies.

I encourage all those who wish to make a difference to step forward during the upcoming nomination and election period.

I have been a union member my entire career with the City of Hollywood, spanning over 28 years. I have been actively involved as a steward/officer for over twenty years.

As I reflect back on my tenure as President, I recall a union that was very different than today. The union was weakened by internal financial issues, there was bifurcation amongst the membership, and the President, other union officials along with the union’s former attorney abandoned the organization following the City’s financial urgency declaration that stripped benefits from city employees.

Proposed Contract Agreement for Ratification

Brothers and Sisters of AFSCME Local 2432

This continues to be a challenging year as we try to turn the corner on this pandemic and it’s affects on our health and livelihoods. The City was able to avoid pay cuts and job eliminations by using Federal Rescue Plan funds to balance the budget.

Therefore, the Union and City have agreed to a one year 2022 stop gap contract to hold us over until we get back to the bargaining table this January. We will also be voting to memorialize the one year MOU that we voted on last year. Once the formal 2022 agreement has been received from the City, we will notify you of the date and time of the ratification vote.

Summary of items being proposed for ratification:

  • 2% COLA on the base salary 
  • 1% one time Lump Sum on the base salary to be issued via a separate payroll check. 
  • HRA Card amount Increases beginning 1 Jan 2022 as follows.
  • Employee only = $300 to $400
  • Employee + 1 = $400 to $600
  • Employee + 2 or more = $700 to $1000


  • Increased mental wellness counseling sessions (EAP) from 6 sessions to 10 sessions at no additional cost.
  • Changes to health care premiums as follows: 
  • (more…)

Union Officer Nominations and Elections

Nominations for Union Officer positions will take place at a Special Meeting on Tuesday, November 10, 2020 at 6:30 PM at the Union Hall. Nominations will close after 3 calls have been made for each position. Elections will be held on December 1, 2020 (see flyer). Any member with more than one (1) year of active membership is eligible to be nominated. You will also receive this notice vis U.S. mail.

Per AFSCME Constitution, voting must be conducted face-to-face. Due to social distancing requirements, the meeting will be held right outside the Union Hall due to COVID-19 and all employees coming to vote must wear a face mask.

Ratification Vote, Tuesday, October 6th – Memorandum of Understanding

Dear Brother and Sisters of Local AFSCME 2432,

I hope you and your loved ones are doing well during these challenging times. The Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA’s) contracts expire on September 30, 2020. Prior to the pandemic outbreak, we had one (1) negotiation session. In Florida all negotiations must be done in the public, however due to COVID that was not possible. I reached out to the city to roll the contract over for 1 year with a 2% increase, but the City declined our offer.

A negotiation session was scheduled on September 29, 2020 and posted to comply with the public requirements. Today, we have reached an agreement with the City for a one (1) year Memorandun of Understanding, for 2% raise effective the first full pay period after September 30, 2020.

A Ratification vote will be held on Tuesday October 6th at the Union Hall from 7:30am to 4:30pm. All employees are eligible to vote with proper I.D.

Please observe social distancing instructions and you MUST wear a mask while at Union Hall.

Union Hall – 2734 Hollywood Boulevard Hollywood FL 33020

Voting to take place on Tuesday October 6th, 7:30am – 4:30pm.
In Solidarity,

Your Union President,

Chris Cassidy

General – MOU Language and Pay Chart

Professional – MOU Language and Pay Chart

AFSCME Local 2432 Endorsements for Commissioner

On behalf of the Hollywood Municipal Employees, AFSCME Local 2432, we are happy to announce that we endorse the following candidates in the upcoming November 3rd 2020 Hollywood Municipal Election.


District 2- Peter Hernandez –

District 6 – Linda Sherwood –

Please contact Siana Lakhan at 954-381-1519 for signs and if you’d like to volunteer. Note: If you call please leave a detailed message and I will get back to you.


You can also email me at with your information.


We will also need volunteers to help at the polls during early voting and on election day. If possible, are asking for four (4) hours of your time to get involved during this very important election season.


In Solidarity,


Siana Lakhan – Secretary
AFSCME Local 2432

Meeting with the City Manager: Telecommuting Due to COVID-19

Hollywood AFSCME Local 2432 has been working with the City to address concerns and guide its members regarding safety in the workplace due to COVID-19. Some of these concerns have been related to telecommuting to accommodate greater physical distancing in the workplace.
On July 7, 2020, Local 2432 representatives had a phone meeting with the City Manager to discuss our concerns regarding the status of the existing protocol for telecommuting and any possible updates to it due to the apparent increase in the spread of the COVID-19 in the South Florida area.

Per the meeting discussion, requests for telecommuting are still being accepted. AFSCME agreed to help get the word out to its members that employees who would like to telecommute, whether they telecommuted or were previously denied, may re-apply in writing for the City Manager’s approval. The City Manager advised that granting the requests will be made on a case-by-case basis.

In Solidarity,

AFSCME Local 2432

City’s Offer for Free Antibody Testing – Union Concerns

Brothers and sisters of Local 2432,

Yesterday an all employee email was sent out offering a day off plus a $25.00 gift card to participate in an antibody testing program. The Union leadership was not notified or involved in the development of this program. The Union is now reviewing the City’s offer for free antibody testing for employees.

The Union has many concerns.

We are asking that you please hold off on signing up for this program. The Union attorney has drafted a letter (below) outlining our concerns and are waiting for a response from the City. We will keep you posted.

Local 2432 Letter to Director Hechler re COVID-19 Testing

In Solidarity,

AFSCME Local 2432

City Manager’s Response to AFSCME / May Member Meeting Cancelled

Brothers and Sister of AFSCME Local 2432,


In response to AFSCME Local 2432’s letter of March 31, 2020 voicing members’ concerns regarding protections from exposure to COVID at the workplace, the City provided its response, which you will find below.

CM Response to AFSCME – April 20_ 2020

Please know that we had multiple discussions with the City to address the allegations that implied employee theft of safety supplies. It appears that those statements were simply a result of a misunderstanding and a series of miscommunications. Rather than dwell on that unfortunate comment, we will chalk that up to the chaos and confusion that everyone finds themselves in these days, and move forward together with the City.


Local 2432 would like to take this moment to commend all of its hard-working members for continuing to provide essential services to the public during these uncertain times, thereby keeping the City of Hollywood functioning for our first responders and for the community as a whole.


As your AFSCME Executive Board, we urge each and every one of you to diligently adhere to the City-mandated protective measures in order to protect yourselves and others, using all available protective equipment, and continuing to follow all safety guidelines. If you have not already been provided protective equipment, please report this to your managers and directors. If it is not promptly addressed and resolved, then contact HR and Local 2432. We want you to know that the City is considering the implementation of alternating shifts, as an additional safety precaution for our membership, and to ensure the ongoing provision of our essential services.


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