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Local 2432 Candidate Spotlight – Eleanor Sobel for Mayor

Eleanor Sobel has been a fighter for Hollywood for over 20 years.  She has served the people of Hollywood with integrity and has been honored as an advocate for children and seniors.  She has the experience to ensure that Hollywood residents’ voices are heard locally, in Tallahassee, and even in Washington.  We need a fighter who knows how to get our fair share to improve our community.

As a State Senator, Eleanor exposed the “Financial Urgency”  debacle by requesting a state audit into the shenanigans of City Hall’s financial mismanagement which resulted in the scapegoating of employees and a tax increase for residents.  Eleanor is NOT endorsed by the current Mayor who lead us down the road to annual budget shortfalls, poor garbage pick up (sanitation outsourcing), and low employee morale. She represents a new and better direction for Hollywood.  

From Eleanor’s website:  “Hollywood needs a fighter, someone who cares passionately about our future and has the experience to make a difference for the people who call this city home”

Please see this great Sun-Sentinel bio of Eleanor -> Sun-Sentinel Bio 

AFSCME supports Eleanor Sobel for Mayor of Hollywood!

We need your help this election, so come out on Tuesday to find out what you can do to help.  Elections matter and we’ve already felt the consequences of poor leadership.  DON’T SIT THIS ONE OUT…WE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!  Call or text Bob Strauss at 954-881-2724 or email to get started today!